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FREE CLASS: 25 Min Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning I [VIDEO]

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25 Minute Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning

Welcome to the Yoga for Weight Loss & Toning series! This first video is extremely helpful for beginners looking to make their way into the practice. Yoga instructor Yogiyue will take you through an express 25-minute yoga class.

This is an energized vinyasa class, where she explains proper alignment and form, so you can build a strong foundation for strength and flexibility to ignite your inner fire. 

Benefits of this yoga for weight loss beginners video

  • Creates a foundation for full-body strengthening
  • Full body workout tones your core, arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, back and chest
  • Energizes your breath
  • Draws awareness to balance stabilizer muscles
  • Releases tension in back
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