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Yoga Therapy – Who Needs It and Why?

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Yoga Therapy – Who Needs It and Why?

Yoga therapy is a scientific method for the rehabilitation and healing of the body based on a system of oriental studies combined with the latest findings of modern medicine. Simply put, yoga therapy is a set of exercises to effectively cope with a number of rather unpleasant diseases. It is one of the most applicable non-traditional ways of health improvement.

Why Is Yoga so Versatile?

The fact is, yoga therapy programs are not just a set of physical exercises, but they are also a system of breathing techniques, special diets, and carefully planned day regimens. This complex has extremely beneficial effects on the muscles, joints, ligaments, internal organs and glands, as well overall well-being.


Who Is it For?

Undergoing yoga therapy is recommended for people with systemic diseases. These include endocrine disorders, problems with the heart, blood pressure, intestinal tract, etc. If you are suffering from these problems, it could take you more time to achieve the desired effect in traditional yoga forms. Additionally, due to the above conditions, you may not be able to carry out a large share of the exercises.

For example, if your hands are shaking from arthritis, you may not be able to focus on the exercise, let alone hold your body in one position. If you suffer from severe shortness of breath, even the simplest breathing exercise can feel impossible. If you have a stomach ache, it might be hard to think about anything else other than the pain… In all these cases, the ideal choice is not yoga, but yoga therapy.

If you have had a serious surgery or received an injury that requires rehabilitation, yoga therapy is a great way to make the recovery period more effective. First of all, doing the exercises will help you understand your optimal load. You will be able to gradually gain strength and energy through gentle exercise. Further, you will be able to restore your inner balance that was lost due to health issues.

And last but not least on our list – yoga therapy is perfect for the elderly whom are suffering from age-related diseases or general uneasiness. A senior will have a very hard time joining and keeping up with a regular yoga group. Yoga therapy programs are much better suited for older people as it takes into account all the differences and changes in their body.

Yoga therapy respects the individual characteristics of the body and adapts to them. In turn, the efficiency of the workout reaches its maximum, and the body is protected against excessive and unnecessary stress. Therefore, if there is a need for it and you have the time, we recommend you to undergo an individual course of yoga therapy.

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