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What Is Yoga Therapy? The Mind-Body Connection

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What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is viewed as a field that is growing in the way it treats existing conditions both in mental and physical health. It specifically uses yoga postures, mediation, breathing exercises, and guided imagery to improve existing conditions.

This is great for those who suffer from specific mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders to chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis, IBS, infertility, and thyroid conditions. Yoga therapy is practiced holistically in conjunction with the mind, body, connection.

As it incorporates physical therapy, psychotherapy, and self-care to prevent and maintain balance. When seeking yoga therapy, it is typically conducted either in a small group or in a private session. one can expect that the person conducting the assessment will design a treatment specifically, through an assessment based on the following:

– Current Health Issues

– Lifestyle and Physical Abilities

– Reasoning for Wanting Yoga Therapy

It is often that yoga therapy is utilized after other treatment is sought or for a more holistic approach to treating the existing condition. Usually, Medicine is given with no alternative approach to help induce a healthier individual while decreasing the symptoms of the illness.

What this illustrates is a suppressant, not a permanent solution to target the source at the root. Also, when taking medicine there are side effects that make existing symptoms worse. In most cases, many people who experience a physical or mental health illness find that this method does not work effectively or if it does it only works for a short time and they are back feeling the same way once they are taking off it.

Others may find that they become addicted and form a dependence because their body craves the medicine prescribed by the doctor. This opposes two main questions from many people facing this issue such as: “How can I get a solution that will limit the effects? and doesn’t have to use medicine?”

The answer is Yoga Therapy because it uses a different approach that provides tools to focus on connecting physical movement to deep rhythmic breathing. It really is taking the foundation of yoga and improving the effectiveness of the mind in a conscious way by enhancing the relationship within the body.

Learning to break the negative habits in one’s lifestyle is what makes this a powerful ongoing method that is focused on more than just movement and breath but rather than the whole aspect of the individual.

The functioning of the body improves naturally as it brings calmness over the mind and body that aids in healing and making one aware of their thoughts by focusing and generating healthy energy that will restore inner and outer physical peace.

No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced yogi or in need of a new source of treatment yoga therapy will provide and create change in a functionally adaptable way in developing a systemic transformation in how one will interact internal and externally within their self and in the environment.

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