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7 Adorable Yoga Moms You Need to Follow on Instagram

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There aren’t many things much cuter than seeing a momma with her little one nuzzling on Instagram.

Throw yoga into the mix and the cuteness scale goes off the charts.

But it’s not all about taking a precious photo! Introducing yoga to your kid can help them to build a foundation for goal-setting and can help them to be calmer and more focused.

We found 7 yoga moms who practice yoga with their kids and yes, it’s quite possibly the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

1. @summerperez

Summer Perez takes most of her pictures doing yoga at home, and each one is breathtaking and dreamy, highlighting her unique style and natural radiance. She has a daughter and a son and they love practicing with her. Together, they create adorable poses doing acro yoga together and relaxing during meditations.

2. @charity.grace

Mermaids do exist, and Charity Grace is one of them. She has a long beautiful hair and she practices yoga with her two kids. And you won’t find her only on Instagram… she also posts videos on YouTube!

3. @laurasykora

Laura Kasperzak has more than 1 million followers, making her one of the most well-known mommas on Instagram. You can find her and her mini-me’s doing poses in matching outfits. She started posting photo doing yoga when her daugher was just 2 years old, starting with her daughter doing a handstand!

For all her posts with her daughter, she call her my mini and she uses hashtag #MamaAndMiniYoga

4. @yoga_mami

Josephine Jacob is a mom of two adorable sons. They travel a world and love making beautiful pictures together.

5. @yogaone1

While she doesn’t post too many pictures with her and her son, they practice A LOT of yoga together! She organizes yoga travels and retreats for yogis around the World, and that’s a pretty impressive feat on its own.

6. @marinjayden

Marin Jaden lives with her family in one of the most beautiful places in the World — Hawaii. She has two kids and they love going to the beach and taking breathtaking photos.

7. @tanya_budnyak

Tanya was one of our giveaway winners; we sent her to Udaya, a yoga and music festival in Bulgaria.  She is a yoga teacher living in a small city in Ukraine. She uses her Instagram to promote a healthy lifestyle through yoga and is growing a community of people who follow her tribe. She is posting a lot of cute pictures with her daughter who started doing yoga with her when she was just a few years old.

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All these yogis understand how important to spend time with a family and they never forget how to have fun and enjoy life like a child!

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