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Yoga Lifestyles Editor Top Picks: Best Present Ideas for the Holidays

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Yoga Lifestyles Editor Top Picks: Best Present Ideas for the Holidays

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not sure when the holidays went from being fun and carefree to total and complete mayhem. I used to watch the commercials for Target, Macy’s and Toys R Us (R.I.P.) and be filled with excitement for the holidays. Now, my heart rate jumps as the pangs of anxiety settle in. I zone out thinking about the gifts I need to buy, the decorations I need to put up, and the food I need to prepare for this Friendsgiving or that Christmas party.

Well friends, I’ve put together a gift guide of my recommendations for the best present ideas to help take a little stress off your plate. Everything below makes a great gift for your mom, BFF, or even Gail in Accounting. But let’s be honest, they’re enticing enough to enjoy for yourself. After all, you deserve it, and I’m not judging.

1. WINC: Wine Delivery Service

Winc Wine Club | Yoga Lifestyles

Winos, your glass is about to be waaaay more than half full, all the time. I drink so much wine, and I’m not even ashamed. Meet Winc, the wine subscription delivery service that will make all your dreams come true. The process is simple: take a quick quiz that identifies your exact palate, then they curate and deliver premium wines right to your doorstep for a fraction of the price.

No more time wasted browsing the endless wine isles or taking a gamble on a new wine because of its ~fancy~ label. Your friends will definitely appreciate this, plus you can always suggest having a girl’s wine night in to taste them together.

Get $22 off your first order by using code YOGALIFE at checkout through



2. Skinny & Co: Chemical Free Lifestyle Products

skinny and co rejuvenating starter kit | Yoga Lifestyles

Skinny & Co creates chemical-free skincare and beauty products using a patented, raw, cold-pressed and ethically sourced coconut oil with pure essential oil. It’s such a game changer, we even made a review video where we tried a few of their products on-camera and they literally made our skin glow.

They use less than five ingredients in each of their products and they make your skin buttery soft while gently removing toxins. And, it’s not just for your skin. You can use some of their products for your hair, nails and even in cooking! We were pretty much fighting over which products we wanted after we filmed our review, so if that’s any indication of how obsessed we were, we know that person on your list who’s into all-natural products will LOVE this.

Get 20% your entire order when you use code YOGA20 at checkout on Skinny & Co’s website.



3. ZURA Yoga Mats

ZURA mat_The Gaja Elephant Mat | Yoga Lifestyles

In case you’ve missed it, we love ZURA so much, we’ve used it in almost every one of our YouTube videos AND we’ve reviewed them. Why? First of all, ZURA means “warrior for good” in Sanskrit, and they’re dedicated to creating eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories that empower your practice with features like an anti-slip, sweat-activated top layer that eliminates the need for a yoga mat towel, all-natural rubber base and a free strap included in every purchase.

Their designs each have their own unique personalities and they just came out with a fresh new edition of mats that feature alignment markings, elephants and Earth tones.

Get 20% off with code YOGALIFE at checkout when you visit the ZURA website.



4. Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

kettle and fire | Yoga Lifestyles best present ideas

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It’s like nutrient-packed liquid gold for your body. Kettle & Fire makes bone broth, slow-simmered, herbal infused broth (vegans, earmuffs please!) made from animal bones. If that sounds a little witch-crafty, think again: bone broth has been used for healing for thousands of years, including in ancient Chinese medicine as a digestive tonic, kidney strengthener and is dense with anti-inflammatory healing compounds and amino acids. It speeds up your body’s natural healing process from things like injuries, arthritis and even leaky gut.

Get 10% off your order when you use YOGALIFESTYLES at checkout on the Kettle & Fire website.



5. Mantis Yoga: Yoga Mat Bags for Every Yogi

Mantis Yoga | Yoga Lifestyles

Going to yoga class carrying your yoga mat, keys, phone, water bottle in-hand isn’t ideal. Neither is traveling with no place to fit your yoga mat in your suitcase. Paul Thomas created Mantis Yoga, the first high-end yoga bags for the modern yogi. They have plenty of gifts under $100 like a sling and tote bag that fits your yoga mat with zippered pockets for your items and a sleeve for sweaty yoga clothes.

Definitely check out one of our favorite items, the water-resistant duffel bag backpack made for a 7-day retreat/trip with specific compartments for your yoga mat, blocks and even dirty clothes, separate from the rest of your clothing. This is great for your yogi friend who loves to travel! We also reviewed their bags in a video where we explain all of their features.

Get $10 off any order over $85.95 with code 10dollarsoff at checkout on the Mantis Yoga website.



6. Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Service

daily harvest | Yoga Lifestyles

Who has time in the morning to prepare breakfast, never mind one that’s organic, nutritious and you can take with you on-the-go? We’re huge fans of Daily Harvest, the smoothie delivery service that’s rocked the wellness world since it came out. Not big on smoothies?

They’ve expanded their line to include harvest bowls, soups, overnight oats and more. There’s not much not to love with Daily Harvest, and we’ve reviewed it twice. First with their smoothies, oats and soups and more recently with their harvest bowls and chilled soups. Yum!

Get three free smoothies (that’s a savings of more than $23 on your order!) when you use code YogaLifestyles at checkout on the Daily Harvest website.



7. Learn. Grow. Shift. 30 Days of Personal Growth Workbook

Learn Grow Shift | Yoga Lifestyles

Oh, that all-too-familiar, existential feeling of stuck-ness. You know the one, where you feel like you’re at a crossroads in life, questioning your path, your decisions and even the relationship you have with yourself? A change in mindset is your first step to taking back control, which is why I love Learn. Grow. Shift., an approachable and enjoyable workbook for personal growth.

Written by my lovely friend and overall inspirational human Ashton August, (who’s also the co-founder of, this workbook will help you establish positive habits, engage in self-reflection, and work through 30 days of learning, growing and shifting in all areas of your life. You’ll come away with a sparkling sense of self-assurance, and an ability to step confidently into your power and purpose.

Get it as a downloadable PDF for $12, or in print for $24 on the YogiApproved website.



8. YogaClub Box

Yoga Club Bxx | Yoga Lifestyles best present ideas

I have a firm belief that you can never, ever have too many yoga pants. YogaClub offers a cool service where they deliver these hand-curated outfits once a month (or once every three months, if you do believe you can have too many yoga pants). What’s different about them is their personal style quiz.

In just a few questions, they’ll learn about your color/pattern preferences, size and how often you wear athletic wear. Each month, you’ll get a new box consisting of yoga pants, an athletic top and a sports bra that you’re guaranteed to love. We’ve reviewed them in a video as well.

Get 20% off your order with code YC20 at checkout on the YogaClub website.



9. VIDA Essentials Pure Essential Oils + Diffuser Set

VIDA Essentials Relax Set | Yoga Lifestyles

I’ve used essential oils for just about everything, including adding tea tree oil to make homemade shampoo that saved my dry scalp to using eucalyptus to bring down a fever. It’s not holistic mumbo jumbo…in fact, all modern medicine comes from plants, including aspirin (it’s from the bark of a willow tree!).

I trust VIDA Essentials because their single oils are 100% pure, USDA Certified Organic and therapeutic grade—meaning you can ingest them. Their blends are sensational, with my favorite being Angel and Inspire Me, but be sure to check out their sets, which include everything from Health and Beauty, to some that even come with a diffuser! Nice!

Get 30% off with code YOGALIFESTYLES on the VIDA Essentials website.



10. Libre Tea Tea Infuser

Libre Tea Tea Infuser | Yoga Lifestyles

We answer urgent emails, phone calls and agree to favors big and small. Every day, we walk the extra mile for others. So when was the last time you propped up your feet and enjoyed a moment to yourself? Our friends at Libre Tea know these rare moments are essential for recharging.

So when they created their tea infuser, they kept your busy schedule in mind. Their versatile filter can be used for loose herbal tea, juicy fruits and even as a protein shaker to keep up with whatever life throws your way. Strong, durable glass fits right into your eco-friendly lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy those rare moments of serenity at home or on the go.

Enjoy 15% off with code YOGALIFESTYLES15 on the Libre Tea website.



11. Online Yoga and Fitness Classes from YogiApproved

Yogi Approved CLasses | Yoga Lifestyles Best Present Ideas

I love going to the studio, but with my hectic schedule, that’s not always practical. Why not give yourself the gift of yoga with unlimited access to hundreds of premium online yoga and fitness classes from top instructors on A diverse range of new classes and full programs are added monthly.

Membership includes unlimited access and a tree planted for every class you complete. YogiApproved has already planted over 7,000 trees in 2018!

Use code: HOLIDAYS for 30% off the lifetime of your membership (making it just $7 per month for unlimited yoga!!). Enter the promo code when starting your free 7-day trial. Valid for both the monthly or annual payment plan, simply apply the code on the YogiApproved website.



12. Karma Candle Club

karma candle club | Yoga LIfestyles

I don’t know about you, but I have a candle in every room of my house, one for every season, mood I’m in, and day of the week. It’s no surprise that candles instantly transport your mind to childhood memories of fresh flowers from mama’s garden or the cozy, warming scent of sandalwood during winter.

Karma Candle Club delivers candles that are all-natural, vegetable- based and burn chemical-free straight to your door. Simply pick the package of your preference with how many you’d like in a package, how often you’d like to receive them and you’ll be on your way to fresh scents in you (or your candle-loving coworker friend’s!) household all year long.

Get $10 off any gift option with code YOGA on the Karma Candle Club.



13. Shankara Natural Beauty Products

HolidaySet_SoothShankara Holiday Set | Yoga Lifestylesing_SeaSalt

The body is a temple, so why wouldn’t you treat it as such with decadent skincare products that nurture, hydrate and are nutrient-rich? This holiday gift set from Shankara includes a soothing body oil plus a sea saly skin treatment infused with turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This hydrating body oil features a soothing blend of essential oils that are known for their relaxing and de-stressing capabilities.

Get 10% off with code YLS when you visit the Shankara website.



14. Big Hug Lap Blanket

big huge blanket | Yoga Lifestyles Best Present Ideas

I can’t think of anything much better during fall besides wrapping myself in a cozy, soft blanket while lounging on the couch (okay, add hot chocolate to the scenario, THAT would be truly perfect!). This patented lap blanket is a luxurious grey knit with glittering metallic thread to wrap the ones you care for in love. It sits perfectly on your lap without fully covering you. There are 31 knit holes around the edge of the blanket.
Use the 6 starter tags that are provided to attach sweet messages of hope and inspiration. It is the perfect size to fold up and fit in a purse, bag, or to carry on a long, hard journey when you want to keep loved ones close. Bring the BIG HUG everywhere!

Size: 28” x 40”*

Get your loved one this delightful blanket, with six grey velvet tags included for just $54 on the itsbecauseove website.


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