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Yoga Inspiration: 10 Tips to Get You Motivated

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In need of a little yoga inspiration to get you on your mat?

As incredible for you as yoga is, it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated to practice yoga on a routine basis.

We all have different commitments that take up our time, energy, and money.

However, it is important that we make time for ourselves. Yoga improves our physical and mental health, so doing yoga on a consistent basis helps to build our bodies and minds.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation to do yoga, here are 10 tips that will help get you in the mood to break out the mat.


1. Remember how yoga makes you feel.

When you lack the inspiration to get down and dirty on the mat, take a moment to reflect on how yoga helps reduce anxiety and manage stress. Stress management is something we often take for granted before we start a yoga routine, so remind yourself of how good you physically and emotionally feel after you do yoga.


2. Change up your routine.

Doing the same thing over and over can get boring. Switching up your yoga routine can keep you feeling excited to practice yoga. If you normally move slow, try speeding it up a little bit. If you have been focusing on your upper body, try some lower body strengthening and toning. There are many poses and variations of poses that you can throw into the mix if you find yourself getting bored.


3. Find a yoga buddy.

Yoga can be twice the fun when you have a yoga buddy. Having someone there who shares your interest and can offer you support makes a huge difference. Yoga buddies can check in with each other and inspire one another to keep building upon their routines.


4. Read up on yoga news.

In your downtime, try reading up on current trends and yoga news. For example… did you know Unicorn Yoga was a thing?



5. Turn up the tunes.

Music is a great way to get motivated. Multiple studies show that music and mood are intricately linked. So put on your favorite upbeat or relaxing jams and let the music move through you as you begin your routine.


6. Treat yourself to a yoga-related gift.

Sometimes, adding a new yoga mat or buying a new pair of yoga pants can really get you in the mood to move your body. When you notice your motivation taking a nose-dive, find some room in your budget for a yoga-related present.


7. Watch a YouTube yoga video (or two).

We can’t all afford to go to yoga classes, but there are plenty of awesome yoga videos on YouTube. Regardless of what level you’re at in your practice, there is a video out there for you. You just might need to sift through a few videos until you find the right yoga instructor and routine, so be prepared to spend time going down the YouTube rabbit hole!


8. Make a promise to yourself.

Yoga does not have to be a time-consuming activity. Even 10 to 15 minutes of yoga (practiced on a daily basis, if possible) can do great things for your body and mind. Schedule a routine into your day, and promise yourself that you will do a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga or follow along with one yoga video online. You can even make your promise tangible by writing it down on your calendar or getting creative and drawing it out on a posterboard.


9. Eat before you exercise.

Many of us don’t feel motivated to exercise when we are tired. Eating a meal filled with proper nutrients about half an hour before doing yoga can give you the energy to get onto the mat. Also, make sure that you stay hydrated. If you are doing a lengthy routine, it’s okay to pause and take a break so that you can get a drink of water.


10. Reward yourself with a gift every once in a while.

A great way to stay on track with your yoga routine is to make a goal, then reward yourself once you’ve reached it Maybe aim for doing yoga 1-2 times a week. If you’ve hit your goal at the end of the month, splurge on a gift that makes you truly happy… it can be anything from new art supplies, headphones or even as small as a candle or book. You’ve earned it!



One Comment

  • Hi, Steven!

    Yoga or any other fitness and wellness activity can be easily pushed down the list of priorities. I agree that successfully continuing a program requires conscious effort, and that includes motivational strategies.

    One thing that really works for me is a regular change of routine. I make sure to incorporate variation. It makes me look forward to stepping on my mat every day, as opposed to dragging myself thinking “here we go again”. It’s also a good way to get more benefits from the different poses!

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