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Yoga for Weight Loss and Detox – Activate Digestion and Core [VIDEO!]

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Yoga has oh so many benefits, but one people seem to gravitate towards is that it makes an excellent workout. Yoga for weight loss and detox is a great way to hit reset on your lifestyle, it’s true! You don’t need an expensive gym membership or crazy machinery to tone up, and build lean muscle, all you need is yourself and in this case, 25 minutes!

In this Video

This video is a flow for all levels that will incorporate twists and core work to activate digestion and sculpt your midsection. This is a perfect video for whenever you have a spare moment during or after the holidays, but really anytime year-round! We also know your schedule can get a little hectic, so this video packs a workout in under 25 minutes.

Overall, this video is perfect for:

  • Those looking for a quick, express workout
  • Activating your digestion to help cleanse and detox your system
  • Refresh and breathe away anxiety and stress
  • Gently build strength in your core, arms and glutes
  • Yogis of all levels
  • Challenge yourself by bringing awareness and flow to your movements through breath
  • Those looking to clear their minds

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