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Join the #YogaforLoveChallenge

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Celebrate Love, Celebrate Yourself with a Yoga Challenge

We invite you to participate in our latest yoga challenge on Instagram (@yoga_lifestyles), which focuses on celebrating the most IMPORTANT relationship: the one you have with YOURSELF!! Each pose features delicious heart openers or restorative postures to help create a space for your own self-love.

How to Participate

To be eligible to win amazing prizes like eco-friendly yoga gear, athletic wear and essential oils simply follow these rules:

  1. Follow the hosts (@yoga_lifestyles and @yogiyue) as well as the sponsors (@Yogaclubbox, @zurayoga and @vida_essentials).
  2. Repost the graphic below on your Instagram, either in a post or Instagram story to show your support.
  3. Participate as much as you are willing over the next 10 days, taking any variation of the poses that serve you. Be sure to tag us along with @yogiyue and the sponsors, and use #YogaforLoveChallenge somewhere in your caption.
  4. Be sure that your Instagram is set to public or we won’t know you’re participating!

Yoga for Love Challenge |Yoga Lifestyles

Once It’s Over

Three winners will be chosen on March 9 and win amazing prizes like athletic wear, eco-friendly yoga gear and essential oils! We’ll announce them on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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