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Tone Your Glutes with the 10 Day #BootyYogaChallenge

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The Booty Yoga Challenge 

Have you seen our free guide to 10 booty-sculpting yoga for glutes poses? It includes the benefits of each pose, how to get into them, modifications and add-ons.

Get the Guide!

Once you have the guide, join us on Instagram for the 10-Day challenge, or just follow along! If you’d like to participate to win some amazing prizes, we’re opening it on June1-10. Entering is easy! Just watch the video below that breaks down each pose and read on to see how you can be a part of the #BootyYogaChallenge and win some AMAZING PRIZES!

It’s More than Yoga for Glutes

We seem to have a funny relationship with our backsides, but why? Of course, yoga goes much deeper than the external, but it never hurts to show ourselves a little love and appreciation from within. We believe every booty is worthy of the peach emoji…that’s why this challenge encourages positive body image by embracing your body lovingly and playfully by featuring a new pose each day firing up your legs and glutes.

We’ll pick three winners at the end of the challenge to win prizes like a new yoga mat, a customized 3-piece yoga/athleticwear outfit, essential oils and more! This challenge is for all levels, and to be eligible for prizes, you must live in the US. But you can always participate for fun, too! 


Joining Is Easy

STEP 1: Follow the hosts (@yoga_lifestyles @melodyinternational @crystalgrayyoga) and sponsors (@zurayoga @yogaclubbox @vida_essentials to let us know you’re joining. You can also give us a shout in your Insta stories!

STEP 2: Participate by posting your photos or videos of each pose, take any variation that feels right! Be sure to use the hashtag #BootyYogaChallenge and tag the hosts and sponsors too so we can interact with you!

Yoga for glutes Booty Yoga Challenge | Yoga Lifestykes

We’ll feature participants every day on our Instagram story, so be on the lookout for your pose! Also, be sure to set your Instagram to public so we can see your posts. 



  • Karolina says:

    Nice challenge! I’m definitely going to try it. Thank you, Melody! Very nice little infographic too 🙂

    • blank Melody Beuzelin says:

      Thank you, Karolina! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Be on the lookout for the video that will be published next Tuesday, June 12 on our YouTube channel ( that integrates all of the poses into a 25-minute yoga flow.
      -Melody, Yoga Lifestyles editor

  • Karolina says:

    Melody, sounds great! I’ve subscribed to your channel so I don’t miss out on it! 🙂

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