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Yoga for Flexibility and Self-Love [VIDEO!]

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Watch this Week’s Yoga Video: Yoga for Flexibility and Self Love

Why Yoga for Self Love?

There’s a lot of hype around February, with stores and advertisements telling you how to show your love for others. And that’s pretty cool, but what about nurturing the most important relationship you have — the one with yourself?

Self-care is extremely important, not just as a yogi, but in everyday life. If we don’t treat our minds, bodies and spirits with the love and compassion they deserve, how can we expect to give others that same treatment? Practice your yoga to create a space just for you and empower yourself to live your best, most authentic life. 

Don’t forget, self care and self-love shouldn’t just stop when your practice over. Make it a point to take care of yourself first in every aspect of your life. This could mean treating yourself to a relaxing bath or massage, reading an enriching book, or even unplugging from electronics and taking the time to meditate.

In this video, Yoga for Flexibility and Self Love, yogi Carol Santiago will take you through a 25-minute yoga flow for self-love and flexibility, so you can stretch both your body AND heart muscles 

Who this Yoga Video Is Best For

This yoga video for flexibility and self-love is best for:

  • Those newer to the yoga practice
  • Those looking to increase mobility and flexibility
  • Those looking to create space for positive change and self-empowerment
  • The busy yogi — this video is only 25 minutes long!
  • Practicing yoga in the morning
  • Practicing yoga in the evening before bed

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