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Yoga Club Review and Unboxing, Get 20% Off Your First Box! [VIDEO]

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Yoga Club Review and Unboxing, Get 20% Off Your First Box! [VIDEO]

Yoga Club Review

This month, we reviewed Yoga Club, a monthly subscription box service that sends you hand-picked athleticwear outfits each month by a personal stylist, all based on your style preference.

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Watch the video of the review, and get 30% off your first box — details below!

Yoga Club Video

In the video above, we explore

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Unboxing
  • Price point
  • Who it’s best for

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Why We Love It

We have a firm belief that you can never, ever have too many yoga pants. Yoga Club offers a cool service where they deliver these hand-curated outfits once a month (or once every three months, if you do believe you can have too many yoga pants). What’s different about them is their personal style quiz. In just a few questions, they’ll learn about your color/pattern preferences, size and how often you wear athleticwear. Each month, you’ll get a new box consisting of yoga pants, an athletic top and outerwear that you’re guaranteed to love. Natali and I have completely different styles, and we were curious if we’d actually receive different outfits. See for yourself in the video, we were shocked when we opened our boxes. Here are just a few other reasons why we love it:

• You take a style quiz to personalize your box; you get the exact look you love!

• Choose from 3 different subscriptions to fit your budget and lifestyle.

• For every box you receive, YogaClub will provide a yoga class & meditation education to an elementary school child.


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