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Yoga For Anxiety: Find Your Fire and Freedom [Save this Video!]

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Reclaim Your Freedom with this Yoga for Anxiety Video

Yoga means different things to each of us. For some, it’s a workout. For others, it’s a therapy. And others see it as a moment to take time for themselves, reconnect and revive their mind-body. On our Youtube channel, we offer a variety of free yoga classes for all levels. In the video below, 500-hour E-RYT Kelsey Evans will lead you through an immersive yoga class that’s aimed at using yoga to control anxiety.

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Why You’ll Love It

Within the first few seconds of this video, you’ll instantly feel Kelsey’s upbeat and uplifting energy that stays with you throughout the entire flow. She’s both generous in her words and actions as well as nurturing, so this video is perfect if you’re interested in yoga but not sure where to start, however its unique in the sense that no matter what level you are in your asana practice, you’ll find a challenge in this flow.

Kelsey struggled with her mental health and body image (which we chatted about in her other video) and is currently pursuing her PHD researching mindful meditation, so it’s easy to recognize everything she says and does comes from a space of compassion and service.

The video itself is medium-paced, energetic and the asanas focus on flexibility, strength-building and mindful awareness of your body. You’ll build a strong foundation to flow through, with modifications and add-on options to fit your level of practice.

Benefits of this Video

  • Find freedom
  • Improve digestion
  • Build heat in your core
  • Open your heart and chest
  • Learn Kapalbhati Breath 

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