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Article Topics

What are some good article topics?

Every article that we publish on is geared towards a large audience. Therefore, the title of a topic is incredibly important in grabbing the readers attention.  Please refer to current articles on our website for ideas.  Below are also some examples of article topics:

Lists, Reasons & Inspiration

  • 7 Yoga Poses for a Better Body
  • Get Better Sleep With These 5 Simple Yoga Poses
  • Reduce Anxiety With These 6 Yoga Poses
  • 10 Simple Yoga Workouts Busy Moms Can Do at Home
  • How Yoga Saved My life

Self-Improvement / Blueprints

  • What Style of Yoga is Right For You
  • Why Doing Yoga Has Great Influence on Health
  • Fight Inflammation – Avoid These 4 Foods
  • Yoga on the Go
  • Steps to Becoming More Balanced

“How to’s”

  • How to Eat Organic Without Spending a Fortune
  • How to Avoid Back Injuries in Yoga
  • How to Improve Your Posture, Naturally
  • How to Lose Weight by Juicing

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