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Article Structure

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What should an article look like?

 The most common reason why articles get rejected by our editorial staff is because of a lack of structure. Here are some tips to keep that from happening.

General Structure

  • Title: Clear and engaging. The title must clearly reflect the content of the article
  • Subheadings: Add subheadings to your paragraphs to guide the reader through your article
  • Article length: Typically between 300 – 1000 words


  • Clearly lay out the objectives of the article
  • Suggest a solution or insight


  • Emphasis on clearly stating your case
  • Structured into paragraphs that each talk about a specific aspect
  • Add relevant subheadings to paragraphs
  • Numbered lists are encouraged to strengthen your case


  • Emphasis on lessons learned, advice or insights

Got the gist on article structure?