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Why You Need a Yoga Wheel in Your Practice [+ Poses]

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You’ve seen them pop up everywhere: from yoga classes, festivals, social media, and even workshops.

The yoga wheel appears to be the latest craze in yoga. But do they really do anything besides making a nice prop for pretty Instagram pictures?

Being that yoga is so diverse in its offerings many trends and devices have been introduced to the yoga community that claim to do something to improve your yoga form or general practice. Yet, we yogis know that the more we are introduced the more we start to oppose questions such as:

1. What is its purpose?

2. How can it be used to enhance my practice?

3. Will there be any improvement in my poses?


What Is a Yoga Wheel?

why you need a yoga wheel | what is a yoga wheel

Yoga Instructor Carol Santiago (@yogiyue) using the ZURA massaging wheel

So what exactly is the yoga wheel? It is a circular hand-crafted device that aids in deepening stretches, opens up the front of the body, increases flexibility, massages the spine, strengthens the whole body, challenges balance, and also aids in doing poses that include inversions, arms balances, and heart-openers.


Why Do I Need it in My Practice?

why you need a yoga wheel | Dade2Shelby

Former NFL athlete-turned-yogi DJ Townsel (@Dade2Shelby) using the ZURA wheel

Of course, you don’t necessarily need anything in your practice besides yourself, but think of the yoga wheel as a tool that can help you break new ground with your poses, much like yoga blocks. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced with your asanas, this accessory can easily be added to your routine and become your new sidekick. You might be thinking how can this be true from something so simple as a wheel? In each progression phase, the focus is to flow safely with as much ease as possible during the course of doing the yoga poses.


Yoga Wheel Poses

The wheel is created to be used for a series of different functions during the practice. Most yoga poses utilize the entire body from the back, chest, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, and core to name a few. Some yoga poses in particular 5 can tremendously be improved with the use of the wheel.

1. Heart Opener:  Triangle

why you need a yoga wheel | yoga wheel poses


2. Inversion & Hip Opener: Scorpion

why you need a yoga wheel | forearm balance scorpion pose



3. Balancing & Core Strengthener: Forward Fold

why you need a yoga wheel | balancing forward fold


4. Arm Strengthener: Crescent Lunge

why you need a yoga wheel | stretching crescent lunge


5. Ham String Stretch: Full Pigeon Pose

why you need a yoga wheel | pigeon pose

This tool proves not only to take the aggravation and uncomfortable anticipation out of the challenge in the pose but also provides your body with a way to center itself in balance to find a deeper level of the pose performed. In the above poses mentioned where a great tip is to grasp onto the side of the wheel that is closer to you instead of the furthest because you can chance improper form that is prone to injury.

Ultimately, the yoga wheel is unique and its shape and functionality makes it perfect for anybody who is on-the-go practicing at home or even those who want to take it to class. This is a yoga trend that proves to be something more than a gimmick and it seems like it will be around for a long time! So go ahead, take your yoga level to the next step and get yourself a yoga wheel to move you purposefully. Get your own here!


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