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Which of Your Chakras Is Imbalanced? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

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Ever have those moments where you feel indecisive? How about the days where you roll out of bed and feel anxious about the day ahead of you? Or, maybe you’re having more conficts than usual with your friend, partner or coworker. Many of us tend to blame our astrological sign or mercury in retrograde, but the truth is, you could simply have an unbalanced chakra! The chakras are the seven energy centers in our body and relate to our happiness, health, confidence and more.

Any number of things can throw our chakras out of balance, such as situations, the environment and even people. But while we can’t control those external factors, we have an impressive power over ourselves. When your chakras are properly balanced, your mind-body corrects itself, and everything else begins to fall into place. Take the first step towards aligning your chakras by first identifying which one needs attention.

Find out now by completing the quiz below!

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