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Here are the Essential Tools Every Yoga Teacher Needs

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Many different tools are used to teach during yoga practice, some metaphorical and some actual tools. Each teacher has their own unique style no matter what kind of class they are teaching. Some example of metaphorical tools used during practice are:

  • Patience
  • non-judgment
  • willingness to serve


Having patience with your students during class will leave them feeling confident and ready for your next session and give you a sense of relief. With patience you are not stressing, getting upset, or frustrated so class runs very smooth for everyone. Being able to step into the very shoes of your student during a struggle in an Asana pose or while calming during meditation, helps you to get a better understanding with them one on one opening the gateways of communication. Of course, patience comes with practice and is not an easy feat to master. Perhaps one of the most important first steps is to have patience with yourself first.



Learning not to judge is a huge part of spiritual growth which is very much needed as an instructor. Every person has their own story and is on a different path and the important thing to remember is that every person is in your life to teach you and as long as you are not judging you have no lessons to learn.


Willingness to Serve

Willingness to serve or the act of giving gives all instructors a great feeling every night knowing that their service to others in the community is changing lives. Your practice becomes about your students and it’s very fulfilling. Doing service from the heart sets a great intention for you as an instructor for every class.


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Physical Tools Checklist

The actual physical tools to use during the teaching of the Asana practice are:


As a yoga instructor, it’s important to be prepared. If you’re just starting, don’t feel overwhelmed to get everything at once, especially if you’re on a budget.

Some instructors even use essential oils inside of a diffuser and during class for light massage therapy. The use of massage therapy can cause Reiki healing for the seven Chakras. Each style of Asana requires different tools to be utilized and the tools also depends on the needs of the students. Knowing the needs of your students takes practice, time, and growth as an instructor but at its bliss point is very blissful when earned.

Quite possibly, your most valuable tool of all just might be your intuition, and knowing what exactly it is your students need from their practice. Use your best judgement after that, and trust that the rest will fall into place.


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