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What Is Hatha Yoga?

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What Is Hatha Yoga?

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What is hatha yoga? As a practice, it is referred to two types of complete opposite meanings from the (Sanskrit) word from hatha that transfigures to sun (Ha) and the moon (Tha) to represent a set of physical elements that make hatha the yoga practice of balance. It also incorporates elements such as pranayama and meditation to improve oxygen flow to the body as well as focus. Hatha was created and founded in northern India more than 5,000 years ago with the intention of preparing the mind for meditation. 

For beginners, hatha yoga is a great choice to start practicing and learning how to control your breathing, hold poses, and establish clarity through meditation. The practice itself uses physical poses like downward dog, mountain pose, and child’s pose that are basic and gentle in flow to generate strength and flexibility. This helps to decrease the risk of injury within the muscles through stretching and twisting in different poses.

Hatha Yoga and Meditation

In hatha, meditation is a key component that is used in a variety of poses to improve and regulate breathing. This is done by bringing awareness to the body that goes beyond the mind because it blocks out distractions so that silence emerges to discover one’s true self through acceptance and promotion of ongoing emotional and physical well-being.

Other Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Additional benefits of hatha include improved joint lubrication, tension reduction, lower stress levels, an improved immunity system, and detoxification of toxins within the body. The purpose of this type of yoga is to balance your mind and body through connecting its energy lines to open during flow.

What Makes Hatha Yoga Different from Other Types of Yoga?

what is hatha yoga | what makes hatha different from other types of yoga

Based on the differences, hatha is the only yoga practice that has a foundation of both physical and mental benefits. Its calming effects are inviting for those who seek internal and external peace to reach a higher spiritual sense of self amongst creating a healthy balance between the body and mind to provide fulfillment with a purposeful life.

Many styles of yoga may have similarities to hatha, but taking a closer look, they are some differences from one another in the way they are taught and viewed. For instance, other styles focus on the physical fitness aspect of how the body will develop. This takes away from the way the body, mind, and breath connect on a spiritual level. This can be illustrated in some of the yoga practices like Bikram, Vinyassa, and Yin.

1. Bikram is a set of 26 asanas that is performed in a 105-degree temperature room to sweat at toxins and increase flexibility in the body for deeper stretches.

2. Vinyasa, which means “flow” is a continuous movement synced with breath throughout each asana like sun salutations.

3. Yin is a yoga practice that holds poses for 3-5 minutes. It also uses props like straps, blocks, and blankets.



  • Tara says:

    Hi my name is Tara and I’m very interested in learning Hatha yoga but I don’t know how to go about finding these classes and would love help. I have RSD WHICH BASICALLY IS the part of the brain that tells the body “pain” say by skinning ur knee once u clean it those nerve respect Orson stop firing pain. Well mine was stressed overload & continues to constitute shot pain. But it can go into a sorta remission is I strengthen my body depression my stress level is a major one. Imeditation is another one. I’ve seen woman who have RSD go back to jogging when months earlier they couldn’t walk. need help as of this moment I’m not rich in fact my stress level is at its highest . Everytime I get close to actual help I seem to hit and dead end. I have 2 choices waste away until it so unbearable my body just gives up or I fight like hell to get better. I have 2kids to show them to fight when it feels like life wants you to give up. I live in South Jersey and I’m begging anyone with empathy to please email me if you can help or know someone who can..because I CHOO TO LIVE LOVE LOVE!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE time to read my chatty message.

    • Hey Tara,

      We’ve found a few yoga studios in South NJ that offer Hatha… Integral Yoga found at 21-03 Maple Ave. Fairlawn, NJ 07410, South Mountain Yoga 18 S Orange Ave, South Orange, NJ 07079 and Shakti Yoga 1861 Springfield Ave A, Maplewood, NJ 07040. We’d suggest reaching out to these studios and explaining your situation, and ask about trying their class. Many studios offer free classes to those new to yoga or packages at discounted rates, all it takes is oopening the line of conversation with them and see where it takes you 🙂 Best of luck, we hope this helps!!

  • […] may seem opposing, but this practice of This week we will be discussing one that is wonderful for beginners,hatha yoga breathing . is all about finding balance. Being able to balance the body, mind, and spirit can be quite a grounding experience. This is done by bringing awareness to the body as a whole, while focusing on breathing into the areas of the body that need help. […]

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