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What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

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Ashtanga yoga and it Benefits

What is ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is one of the more challenging styles of yoga to practice. It’s a demanding practice, and one that aims to increase your internal temperature in an effort to purify your body. The number of vinyasas used in this style is extensive, and you will develop a strong core if you practice this type of yoga regularly. This is a style that is not for beginners, unless you are comfortable making modifications or already are in good shape. Of course you can always try ashtanga yoga, but if you are new you can’t expect to instantly be able to keep up with this difficult style of yoga.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga:

The benefits of ashtanga yoga are an improved overall health, better cardiovascular strength, and a significant increase in your core strength. You will move quickly through a set of poses during yoga class, and you can expect to sweat hard during the class. This is a workout, and this style of yoga is meant to improve your level of fitness. This is not the style of yoga for you if you are looking to relax or become more meditative.

Like any moderate exercise, ashtanga yoga has plenty of health benefits. You will improve your immune system, decrease your stress levels, and feel healthier altogether. You should not get discouraged if you have difficulty during a yoga class, as they are meant to challenge you. While you may not be able to do all of the poses, all that you need to do is try your best in any yoga class. The fact that you are attempting an ashtanga yoga class is a sure sign that you have what it takes to develop a strong yoga practice.

Is Ashtanga Yoga For You?

If you have physical limitations, ashtanga yoga classes don’t have to be out of your reach. You can try attending a class, but prepare to use yoga blocks, pillows or straps in order to help you get the poses correct. Typical yoga poses used in this type of yoga include the plank, downward dog, and mountain pose. A basic sequence often used in ashtanga yoga is the sun salutation sequence, one that is often learned early on in this style of yoga practice.

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