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How to Do Unicorn Yoga

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Be Up to Something Magical

If you’re ever having a bad day, say this to yourself:

I am powerful.

I am strong.

I am fierce.

I am imaginative.

I am kind.

I am radiant.

I am bold.

I am brave.

I am compassionate.

I am an amazing friend, daughter, mother, son, cousin, aunt, sibling or any combination of those.

I am unique.

I am memorable.

And just like that, you are a unicorn.

Even when you don’t always feel like one. Listen, the world throws some pretty heavy situations at us sometimes, and while we can’t always control what’s happening around us, we do have full say in how we choose to handle things. That negativity and anxiety you might feel every so often or even too often …question how it serves you. Look deeper. Is it the universe trying to tell you something, to let go of a memory keeping you from moving forward or a relationship built on a shaky foundation that holds you down?

And whenever you find yourself doubting the reflection in the mirror, give yourself a cheeky smile and say “hey good lookin’, you’re a majestic winged mythical creature today,” because if you say it, it’s true. All you can ever give is your best, and that’s enough. Then find joy in little things and you’ll discover purpose in everything. For some, it’s taking a step back and laughing at yourself, donning your best unicorn onesie and doing a few yoga poses on an adorable unicorn yoga mat. For others, it’s creating art, blasting your favorite playlist while dancing around the living room, watching your child grow or even just kicking back with a margarita and soaking in the sunshine.

So get out there and run free, you wild unicorn. You are untamable and unstoppable and important and have the world in front of you.

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