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Top Uses for Activated Charcoal

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You may have heard about the hype of activated charcoal, but what does it really do? Below are the top uses for activated charcoal which might just surprise you!

Did you know activated charcoal is a popular supplement and beauty product?

From face scrubs to capsules to toothpaste, charcoal has a wide range of great benefits and uses.

The charcoal is activated when high temperatures combine with a gas or activating agent to expand its surface area. Since the activated charcoal binds with toxins in the stomach, it helps to eliminate them rather than being absorbed. So next time you’re out and about, grab the activated charcoal in powder, capsule, tablet or beauty form for health and beauty benefits!

Why use activated charcoal? Here are a few ways to combat hangovers, clogged pores and lots more.


1. Clean, Soft and Youthful Skin and Scalp with Charcoal Products

uses for activated charcoal | beauty benefits

Lots of products have activated charcoal in them including face masks, pore strips, sponges and spot treatments. These beauty products use active charcoal to pull excess oils from the skin. It also makes pores appear smaller and treats acne by pulling the dirt from pores for cleaner, healthier skin.

Use a charcoal exfoliator to draw out the dirt left from the day. Most of them are gentle enough to use daily but be sure to check the directions! For those pesky little acne bumps, use a charcoal mask as a spot treatment (like this one that we are obsessed with from Biore… it self-heats and makes your skin feel like silk afterwards!). It will penetrate the blemish and reduce inflammation.

You can also use charcoal to deep clean hair while reducing dandruff and dry scalp. Whether you add the powder to your scalp and wash it out or simply add it straight into your shampoo, the mixture will leave your hair feeling purified. Just remember to use a good amount of water and shampoo to rinse it out!


2. Soothe Skin Irritations and Bites with Activated Charcoal

uses for activated charcoal | soothed skin

Uses for activated charcoal don’t just stop at cleansing skin of impurities. Having charcoal on hand can save your skin from infection and speed up the healing process of cuts and pest bites.

Making a paste by adding a bit of water to the charcoal powder until it’s an easy spread consistency will help alleviate the pain of the sting or cut. Insect bites are no fun so always be prepared and have it with you when outside at the pool or camping.

3. Prevent Hangovers with Charcoal Supplements

uses for activated charcoal | prevent hangovers

This may come as a surprise for uses for activated charcoal, but yes, really. Why? Because the charcoal rids some toxins from the body, it may have effects of eliminating harmful ingredients from the alcohol.

Some studies show that by taking activated charcoal capsules before you drink alcohol helps alleviate symptoms of being hungover. Just keep in mind, you must drink lots of water with the tablet in order for it to flush out toxins.


4. Whiten Teeth with Charcoal Powder and Toothpaste

coalgreat charcoal toothpaste | Yoga lifestyles

Activated charcoal doesn’t just do wonders for your skin, it’s an incredible teeth whitener, too! There are several kinds of charcoal toothpaste on the market, but the most powerful combination is with the concentrated activated charcoal powder. Just squeeze out a dime-size amount onto your brush, dip it into the powder and brush as normal.  You’ll see results in as little as two weeks.

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