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The Only Detox Recipe You’ll Ever Need [weight loss and anti-aging]

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It’s the perfect time to hit the refresh button on your metabolism.

What better way to do it than with a detox recipe that’s not only super simple to make…but delicious, too! And, there’s a little-known secret about this recipe. Not only does it flush your system of toxins, it slows down the aging process to promote softer, younger-looking skin.

So what’s the secret to this age-defying, slimming recipe?

The secret is in the antioxidants. In short, antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation, meaning they help in the prevention of cellular damage AKA what causes you to age. This recipe has a total of 16 antioxidants that combine to give you amazing benefits!

When you drink this juicy, refreshing detox water packed with antioxidants, you’ll immediately notice a difference in how you feel.

Drink it every day for maximum results, and read about the details of each specific superfood ingredient to find out their benefits!


Prep time:

3-5 minutes



Half a cup of fresh sliced strawberries (about 4 sliced)

Half a cup of blueberries

3 mint leaves

Half the juice of a lemon

1 brewed cup of VIDA Tea Daytime blend


Place mint leaves at the bottom of a cup followed by three or four ice cubes, pour in blueberries, strawberries, squeeze in half a lemon then pour in a cup of the brewed VIDA Tea and enjoy!


Why Strawberries?

Detox water recipe | Strawberries
Strawberries contain anthocyanin and catechin, which are powerful natural anti-aging chemical compounds. They are also anti-inflammatory, fight the damage of free radicals and promote brain and eye health. Strawberries are also high in vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese.


Why Blueberries?

Detox water recipe | blueberries

Blueberries are a secret antioxidant weapon, making it among the top foods for antioxidants. In addition to promoting growth of probiotics, which helps aid digestion, blueberries support heart health and restore hormone balance for clear, radiant skin. You can also find high levels of vitamin K and vitamin C levels in blueberries.


Why Mint Leaves?

Detox water recipe | mint

Did you know mint has been used for centuries as an herb to speed up digestion? Mint also contains iron, fiber, vitamin A and potassium.


Why Lemon?

Detox water recipe | lemon

There’s a reason lemon is a detoxification staple. It jumpstarts your metabolism, promotes a healthy immune system and is packed with electrolytes and energy-boosting vitamins. The citrus bioflavonoids found in lemon have also been said to lower blood sugar and help prevent kidney stones.


Why VIDA Tea?

We’ve done a ton of research on detox teas, and the VIDA Tea brand is 100% USDA certified organic and uses all natural ingredients from plants, herbs and flowers. Each cup packs the essential vitamins and minerals extracted from chamomile, lemon myrtle, cinnamon and more. When combined, the ingredients activate to create a combination that flushes free-radicals and toxins, supports digestive health and naturally increases energy. Get your bags of VIDA Tea here. And if you’re still curious about how it works, I tested it out to see for myself. Check out my review of VIDA Tea.

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