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Thank you for entering the “I LOVE ME” Giveaway!

Treat yo’self a bit more by checking out our top yoga jewelry picks for 2017.

And just as a bonus for entering the giveaway take 15% off your entire order when you use code MEDITATE15 at checkout!

Yea, you could say we’re crushing hard on you.


1. The Chakra Healing Bracelet

BEST OF 2017 | 7 CHakra Healing bracelet

Why we love it: With seven different unique and genuine stones representing each of the seven chakras, including authentic red agate, amber, tiger’s eye, green king stone, turquoise, lazurite and amethyst, the chakra healing bracelet is a wonderful companion for transcendental meditation and yoga. Also, the lava beads are porous and you can add drops of your favorite essential oils to make it a fragrant companion. Feel your progress soar with this gorgeous item! PLUS, we found the best deal: order this bracelet and you’ll get a free chakra necklace!

Price: 17.99

Click here to get yours!


 2. The Lucky Gold 3-Buddha Head Black Lava Bracelet

BEST OF 2017 | Lucky gold buddha bracelet

Why we love it: Three sets of six black lava beads separated by three shimmering Buddha head beads will help you achieve mindfulness as you work on your body, mind, and spirit.

Price: $24.95 (+ FREE Shiping)

Click here to get yours!


3. 7 Chakra Bracelet Set with Lava and authentic stones

BEST of 2017 | 7 chakra bracelet set with lavabeads

Why we love it: With fifteen black lava beads, and five of each chakra-balancing bead you’ll get seven-times the chakra TLC. These are perfect for wearing all once for maximum metaphysical protection, or wear them in pieces to mix and match with your outfit. These will look great wherever you go — and and serve as an excellent mindfulness aid as you work on your energy centers. We especially liked this set because when you break down the price of each bracelet, they are only $6.27 each, plus you’ll receive free shipping!

Price: 43.90 ( + FREE shipping!)

Click here to get yours!


4. Hexagonal Pointed Crystal Pendant Necklace

BEST of 2017 | Hexagona Pointed Crystal Pendant Necklace

Why we love it: Choose from five beautiful and different stone types, or wear more than one based on your outfit, to suit your mood, or enhance your energetic endeavors. These handsome and powerful pendants embody the spirit of the various chakras and will deepen your meditative practice.

Price: $9.97 each

Click here to get yours!


5. 108-Bead Authentic Natural Sodalite Stone Mala Prayer Necklace with Long Blue Tassel

BEST OF 2017 | Authentic 108 Bead Sodalite prayer necklace

Why we love it: Oh Manne Peme Hune! Whatever your preferred mantra, prayer, or spiritual utterance- count out the right number of iterations to attract grace as you see oneness with the ether.

Price: $49.95 (+ FREE Shipping!)

Click here to get yours!


6. Tree of Life Bracelet Set

BEST OF 2017 | om-tree-buddha-hamsa-log-white_grande

Why we love it: This set of four beautiful beaded bracelets will serve as a beautiful accessory as well as an outstanding enhancer for your spiritual or yogic practice. Shimmering Buddha heads, black lava, a Tree of life pendant, and brightly colored light blue, dark blue, and mother of pearl beads complete the items in this set for a complete compliment of inspiring features.

Price: $59.99 (+ FREE Shipping!)

Click here to get yours!


7. Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet with Adjustable Clasp

BEST OF 2017 | adjustable tigers eye bracelet

Why we love it: The quality of this bracelet is undeniable and the fact that it has an adjustable clasp makes it a no-brainer top pick for us. Plus, it’s perfect for those who lean towards more conservative, neutral colors. This also looks great on both guys and girls!

Price: 34.99 (+ FREE Shipping)

Click here to get yours!

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  • I have benn in recovery for 5 yrs and started a little yoga over the last two years. I can’t believe the way it leaves me feeling. Still trying to get into deeper streaches though. I 💘 yoga.

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