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8 Snapchat Yogis You Need To Be Following

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Snapchat yogis are providing tons of motivation for the yoga lifestyle. We too, have recently joined Snapchat!

However, some yogis may be new to or unfamiliar with Snapchat. If that’s the case for you, check out the gif below. To add a new friend, simply take a snap picture of their Snapcode (the ghost in the yellow box). To locate your own Snapcode, click on the tiny ghost at the top of of your screen before shooting a snap.

Snapcode add

If this isn’t your first time at the rodeo, though, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best yogis to follow on Snapchat. Take a look and comment below if you have any suggestions!

1. beachyogagirl


Kerri Verna shows off her amazing skills on the beautiful Florida beaches all the time. She’s friends with our #2 snap-yogi, Kino MacGregor, so prepare yourself for a couple of beautiful yogis practicing by the ocean.


2. kinoyoga


Kino MacGregor has been featured on twice, featured as our #2 best snap-er and our #13 best instagram for yogis.


3. bbyogi


This blonde yogi gives the full picture of the yoga lifestyle – the clean eating, the relaxation and the appreciation for friends and family. Of course, she’s often doing yoga between those activities as well.


4. kathrynbudig


Kathryn Budig is an American yoga instructor and author. She’s frequently posting snaps when she’s relaxing and hanging out with her puppy.


5. gypsetgoddess


This jet-setting yogi is always posting poses from the most beautiful places.


6. rachel_brathen


Rachel Brathen is the world famous @yoga_girl on Instagram. Find her on Snapchat posting videos of her cute baby goat and puppy.


7. carly_coco


This yogi from Italy posts beautiful snaps both in Italian and in English. Follow her for some amazing healthy lifestyle tips!


8. yoga_lifestyles


And last but not least on the list of Snapchat yogis, give us a follow! We’re posting daily about yoga, healthy eating and meditation.

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