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Protect Your Pet From Toxins! Go Chemical-Free with Skinny Paw

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As humans, we’re hyper aware of the chemicals found in products we use every day. A quick google search will pull up thousands of articles, videos and images warning about hazardous effects of our deodorants, skincare, makeup and haircare, from memory loss and Alzheimer’s caused by traces of aluminum to skin irritations from fragrances. Because of this, we can make informed decisions to purchase items clearly labeled as organic, nontoxic, sulfate-free and so on.

But what about our pets? We love them like family, but unlike us, they aren’t afforded the same luxury of choice. We more or less decide what they eat, where they live and how long their leash gets to be. And while we’re careful to read the labels of household cleaning products to make sure they aren’t toxic to our pets, we automatically assume that all products that are made for pets are totally safe for them. But here’s the unfortunate truth: that’s simply not the case.

toxic pet shampoo | Yoga lifestyles

The Toxic Truth About Pet Care Products

Did you know that the shampoos we use on our furry friends can be just as chemical-laden as the ones we use on ourselves? Look closely at your pet shampoo’s label, and you might be shocked to find harmful ingredients like artificial fragrances, phthalates, polyethylene glycol and paraben preservatives. These and many more can dry out or irritate your pets skin or sting their eyes, ears, and mouth.


Introducing: Skinny Paw Chemical-Free Pet Care

skinny paw Soap | Yoga Lifestykes

If there was a better option for your pet, wouldn’t you choose nontoxic? Skinny Paw’s mission is to deliver just that and more. You may have heard of its parent company, Skinny & Co, a chemical-free lifestyle brand that offers coconut-oil based products like cleansing balms and facial scrubs.

They’ve partnered with four notable women: Kristin Van Wey, Michelle Manningham, Joy Reese NMD and Ann Ewing to develop a world class pet shampoo that combines Skinny & Co’s patented, cold-pressed and raw coconut oil with essential oils to clean and replenish your pet’s skin and coat naturally, without the toxins and skin irritants found in traditional pet shampoos.

They’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal to raise $30,000. If they reach their goal, their production facility—which will be based in Haiti to give women the opportunity to escape poverty and support their families—will be up and running by June 1, 2019.


Our Review of Skinny Paw

Of course, we wanted to be a part of the conversation not only to support this cause lead by women on a mission to make a positive impact on the planet, but to give our pets the kind of care they deserve, too. Skinny Paw sent over a few of their bars so we could try them on our pets. Here’s what we had to say.


Meet the Volunteers

huey | Yoga LifestylesPixie | Yoga Lifestyles

We tried the Skinny Paw shampoo bars on two of our pets at Yoga Lifestyles HQ: Huey, an 11-year old Maltese and Pixie, a 7 and-a-half year-old toy poodle.


The Look

First of all, the bar comes in the shape of a paw print, which besides being too adorable for words, served excellent functionality: it fit perfectly in Alexandra and Alice’s (Huey’s and Pixel’s humans, respectively) hands. “It eliminated one of the steps I usually take to wash Huey, which is to take a bottle of pet shampoo and squeeze the gel into my hands. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you have a fussy pup that hates baths, it easily saved me 10 minutes just lathering him up,” Alexandra explained.

Skinny Paw before bath | Yoga Lifestyles

The Experience

Both of the testers didn’t know what to expect when they attempted to actually use the product, and weren’t sure how effective the bar of soap would be. The moment the bar made contact with both pet’s fur, it started lathering up. They initially thought that since it was made of coconut oil it would leave his coat oily, but it actually rinsed out easily without leaving any residue. Both pets have sensitive skin, but didn’t dry out, redden or get irritated when they were towel-dried.

Skinny Paw | chemical free pet shampoo

The Verdict

Both testers reported that the bar of soap had a neutral smell and agreed that it made cleaning their pets an easy experience. It also gave a deep cleaning, while moisturizing their pet’s skin and giving their fur a healthy shine. “Pixie’s hair was very silky, and actually much softer than when I get her back from the groomers, I was surprised at how well it cleaned her coat,” Alice noted. Both Alexandra and Alice say they plan on using the soap again and would recommend it to friends and fellow pet-owners.

Skinny Paw after bath | Yoga lifestyles

There you have it! If you’d like to make Skinny Paw a reality or pets everywhere, support their kickstarter here. What’s in it for you? You can pledge any amount to receive a December 2018 delivery of the pet shampoo bars (just in time for Christmas!) and you can select a portion of your donation to go towards a rescue shelter of your choice.

Support Skinny Paw on Kickstarter!

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