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Summer Shape Up Challenge: Side Angle Pose

Performed by Taylor Nelms

Side Angle Pose –  Start in mountain pose. Step right with your right foot and rotate it 90 degrees to the outside. Rotate your left foot 15 degrees to the right. Bend your right knee 90 degrees. Palms up, lift your arms to their sides. Bend at the torso to the right and make sure your right side faces your right thigh. Stretch your left arm up as high as it can go and your right arm as low as possible. Look toward the side wall. Benefits: Improves stamina while strengthening the ankles, calves and knees. It tones your stomach and abdomen and gives a deep stretch to the groin and hamstrings. Tips: Try to keep your back heel on the floor as you bend your front knee. If you’re having difficulty touching the floor with your extended hand, you can either use a block under your bent knee to assist your hand or you can rest your elbow on your thigh.