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We Reviewed Sashka Co: Bracelets for Empowering Women [Video!]

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Sashka Co. Review

This month, we reviewed Sashka Co., a bracelet company that creates stunning fair-trade roll-on bracelets handcrafted from glass beads by artisans of the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, while also empowering women in need to rise above poverty.  Watch the video below for the full review, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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In this video

The review gurus go over the following:

  • What is it?
  • Unboxing
  • Why it’s special & how it empowers women
  • Price point

Why We Love Them

These days, it’s easy to find jewelry on every corner, in boutiques, shopping malls and of course all over the internet. Offering something pretty is fantastic, but how can a jewelry business possibly stand out from the rest? Sashka Co. caught our attention with its heartwarming message: to empower women to rise above poverty. 

Each bracelet is handcrafted by skilled experts from the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, and all their items are fairtrade. More than 70% of the proceeds go back to Nepal, making this a business with a powerful purpose. What’s incredible is that the bracelets are not only very fairly priced, they are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, no matter what your taste is, you’re bound to pick out one (or two or four…) styles and colors that fit your style and they come with a lifetime warranty. 

Seriously, there’s a lot to love with these. They have a perfect-fit guarantee and what makes them extremely unique is the fact that they’re handmade with high-quality glass beads and materials. This also means that each bracelet varies slightly, so you’ll never have the exact same bracelet as someone else. Definetely watch the video to see the whole review, and if you can’t get enough of our reviews, check out last months!

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