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Interpreting Rose Quartz Meaning and Its Power to Bring You Love

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Interpreting Rose Quartz Meaning and Its Power to Bring You Love

Our hearts carry the essence of our very nature

They contain an elaborate mixture of positive and negative thoughts and feelings, which affect the way we live our lives. Sometimes negative energy may triumph positive energy. This is where the powerful heart healing properties of the rose quartz crystal comes in to open, heal, and purify our hearts on all levels.

Rose quartz is a delicate and curative crystal. It’s the stone of love, the heart, and the heart chakra. The heart chakra is a psychic-energy center located close to our hearts. It regulates our interaction with the environment, collects and stores our emotional experiences, and controls what we allow in. Watch the video below to see an interview conducted by our editor, Melody Beuzelin, with Amanda Pham, the author of this article to see more uses of Rose Quartz and how to implement it into your daily routine!

The rose quartz meaning is naturally aligned with the heart chakra

It comforts and heals emotional wounds our hearts have suffered. It amplifies feelings of empathy, compassion, and joy while dissolving painful memories, fears, and negative energy. Positive energy that’s encompassed in personal fulfillment and love has space to blossom to restore within us the feeling of inner peace and self-confidence. It allows us to truly express love within ourselves and to others. Our hearts are then reawakened and reconnected to our true essence – love.

The gentle pink crystal is a member of the quartz family and can be found in abundance in mines all over the world with the most common mines in Brazil, Madagascar, India, and South Africa. It is composed of a silicon dioxide mineral compressed over millions of years at extremely high temperatures and then cooled into a rose-colored crystallization of energy. The color of the rose quartz ranges from soft-pale pink emanations to a vivid rose-red.

rose quartz

This crystal was first recognized as a symbol of love as early as 600 B.C. through Greek and Roman mythology. According to myth Cupid, the Greek god of love, entrusted to humans the rose quartz, which contained the precious gift of love. In another myth, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess, or Venus, the Roman goddess of love, bled while trying to save the life of her lover, Adonis. Their blood intertwined and flowed onto the crystals, forever staining them the light crimson color of eternal love.

The rose quartz meaning remained the same in later Native American cultures. They believed rose quartz could be used in amulets to quell anger and remove deep seeded resentments. Rose quartz would replace them with synchronized emotions of love. The ancient cultures were receptive to Mother Earth and her creation of natural healing resources. They also knew the different methods of employing the wonders of the stone to inspire specific intentions. With the foundation they left behind through records and artifacts, we now know countless of ways to access the healing and empowering elements of love inherent to Mother Earth in the form of meditation, yoga and balancing energies.

When feeling negative emotions, meditate with rose quartz to release that energy

Sit or lie in a position comfortable to you, but not too comfortable to where you may drift off to sleep. Hold the stone in your left hand and gaze upon it lovingly focusing on the calming and warm vibrations of the crystal. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and acknowledge both your positive and negative emotions. You can then receive the loving energy as it flows to your heart or bring your crystal-filled hand directly over your heart to connect with your heart chakra. Feel the strength of your entire being. 

rose quartz for meditation


While regulating your breathing, inhale love and positive feelings and exhale disappointments and negative feelings buried in your core. Visualize the shimmering pink rays of love you are inhaling traveling through your body and rejuvenating everything it touches from your stressed mind to the areas around your wounded heart. Stay in this meditation and focus on your breathing until you feel your entire body radiating with a gentle glow. If needed, use a mantra or a personalized word or phrase that you chant to help you focus intently.

You can also implement rose quartz into yoga. Place one or more crystals around your yoga mat or wear a crystal pendant on a string of mala beads, a string of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation.

Set your intentions before your yoga class. As you hold a pose, meditate on the rose quartz as mentioned above. Again, allow the pink light to fill your entire body moving from your nose to your heart and then throughout to the end of your limbs. Envision yourself glowing from head to toe. Feel your body’s connection to the crystal. Your heart will reawaken and let the self-love, self-worth, and love for all within you flow out.

The rose quartz activates our heart chakras to balance our yin-yang energy and bring all the other chakras into harmony with our hearts. It is important to keep our energy system in balance so energy can flow freely throughout our bodies and manifest a healthy level of awareness into our everyday lives.

Our consciousness is then brought to new levels as the heart stone magnifies feelings of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort. As our hearts open, our eyes also open to seeing situations from different perspectives. We are then able to understand, forgive and emit a divine loving energy throughout our entire aura.

Want to integrate more rose quartz into your life?

We’ve scoped out the best crystals and rose-quartz colored items to get the loving energy flowing into your life!


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