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Restorative Yoga: Try These 7 Yin Yoga Poses to Relax and Destress (+ VIDEO!)

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What Is Yin Yoga?

There are several yin yoga videos online, but this one focuses on specific poses aimed at beginners new to yin restorative yoga poses. But first, let’s explore the yin yoga definition and how yin and restorative yoga are related. Yin is a form of gentle, restorative practice that is slow-paced, where positions are held 2-5 minutes. This creates an intensity in still, encouraging you to find your edge encouraging you to find your edge in stillness.

Did you know that holding restorative yoga poses for at least two minutes helps increase mobility and restores the muscle through gentle stretching? Instructor Carol Santiago walks us through seven delicious poses, going over how to get into them and what each of their benefits has not only to your practice, but also for your lifestyle whenever you need to relax and recharge. Want to take a deeper dive into yin? We’ve covered it previously.

Yin Yoga Poses

Below are the poses outlined in the video. Lay out your mat and give them a shot one at a time to help increase circulation, relaxation, detoxify and de-stress. Plus, you can practice in the comfort of your own home!

  • Child’s Pose
  • Butterfly
  • Pigeon
  • Supine Twist
  • Forward Fold
  • Lizard
  • Savasana

Yin Yoga Sequence

In the video above you’ll watch seven yin poses and learn about the benefits of each. Overall, this video is perfect for:

  • Those looking for a quick way to unwind and experience stress relief after a long day
  • Opening your hips, chest and shoulders
  • Releasing tension from your back
  • Refresh and breathe away anxiety and stress
  • Yogis looking to get into restorative poses, but really yogis of all levels could benefit from this!

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