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Raw Detox Challenge: 7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Raw

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Why Should You Eat Raw?

It’s a new year, are you ready for a new you? All month long, Yoga Lifestyles is hosting the #RawDetoxChallenge, and we invite you to join! You’ll have the chance to win more than $500 in cash and prizes, such as $100 cash, high-performance yoga gear from ZURA Yoga, jewelry from Jewelry.Yoga and more!

Check out more prizes and details on entering here.

If you’re curious about the raw/vegan lifestyle, this is a great way to try it out – if it sounds crazy, I can relate – this is coming from an individual who:

  1. Used to open the refrigerator, see vegetables neatly piled in that crisper drawer and think ha, nice try guys, and instead reached for the plate of pizza blanketed in tin foil.
  2. Considered mint chocolate chip ice cream a “green food.”

If you’re like me and need a bit more convincing why you should try eating raw, here’s seven reasons why you should try it today, and especially kick it off with the #RawFoodChallenge!

1. Eating raw means feeling lighter & more energetic


Your body acknowledges processed foods much differently than whole, natural foods. You can blame this on our days spent gathering berries and chasing after saber tooth lions — our organs have yet to catch up to our brains on the evolutionary spectrum. Sure, between the ears we may be advanced computers; but our stomachs are still dwelling on caveman principles, and don’t recognize the majority of the food you introduce it to on a daily basis.

This is why you might feel sluggish after a heavy meal – your body is doing a lot of work to break down the unfamiliar chemicals found in processed foods. When you eat raw, you use a fraction of the energy you normally would need to digest. More energy = more activities.

2. Your trips to the restroom won’t be…regretable


Detoxing by eating raw does NOT mean aggressively flushing your system with spices and ingredients of the laxative variety. What you put into your body when you eat raw is gentle and nourishing to your digestive track– consider it similar to giving your organs an oil change.  You’ll actually see improved elimination as a result of eating raw consistently.

3. It’s kinder


You don’t have to look hard to find the disturbing facts about animal-derived foods. Animals are kept in cramped conditions in order to save money on space and produce fattier meat. Calves are pulled away from their mothers so that humans can consume their milk. A three-minute video on YouTube could well be enough to put you off of animal products forever. Every choice we make as a consumer feeds money into producing products we find ethical or unethical: the choice is up to you.

4. You’ll ingest fewer antibiotics


But I don’t take a lot of antibiotics, you may be saying; I’m pretty careful to only take them when I get really and truly sick.

Would it surprise you to know you’re taking them all the time, even so?

The majority of animal products come from animals that are fed high doses of antibiotics, and the degree of use is staggering: about 80% of the antibiotics produced in the United States are for farm animals, not human beings. This is, in part, to make it safer for animals to be penned so close together in such a small space without transmitting disease. By avoiding animal products, you avoid consuming these high doses of antibiotics.

5. …and may experience fewer food sensitivities!



Food intolerances are common, but if the food product is something you’ve been consuming every day of your life —such  as dairy — how would you ever know it was a problem? Maybe you have recurrent sinus infections by chance, or maybe it’s food intolerance. Maybe you have a little indigestion, often — or maybe it’s food intolerance. You’d avoid two of the five most common causes of food sensitivities (milk and eggs) if you went vegan today.


6. It’s cheaper than you may think.


You may think it’s more expensive to purchase health foods, but generally a vegan or raw diet is cheaper than one that relies on dairy, meat, and eggs. Many highly processed and expensive foods contain milk or eggs.


7. It’s also easier (and tastier) than you may think.



Going vegan or eating raw might have been a near-impossible task even fifteen years ago unless you planned on making your own food all day every day, but today there are a wide range of delicious products that you can purchase to meet your needs. Coconut milk, almond milk, or soy milk can replace your dairy; ground flax can replace eggs in your recipes. Even better, there are many international recipes that never required meat, dairy, or eggs and therefore will taste just as they ought to. These are available online for anyone who wants to try them.

Take a stand for your health and embrace the new you along with the new yet! Join the #RawFoodChallenge today for a chance to win more than $500 of cash and prizes!

Why You Should Eat Raw | ZURA Yoga

Just one of the prizes shown above: high performance yoga gear from ZURA, including a premium yoga mat, yoga block, yoga wheel, premium strap, and stainless steel water bottle


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