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Hot Yoga Will Burn You Up – Pros and Cons

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Hot Yoga Will Burn You Up – Pros and Cons

For those that don’t know, hot yoga classes are essentially the combination of a sauna and a full body workout. Just a few seconds after entering the heated room, the stress of a busy city life and hectic work schedule become a distant memory. Professionals believe that these classes create positive health effects for the skin. So what are the benefits and drawbacks of the sauna heat?

The Pros of Hot Yoga

The most significant one is high humidity. In conventional steam rooms it goes almost as high as 100%, for hot yoga classes the figure is 40%, and it is as low as 20% in a regular sauna. It all depends on the amount of water poured onto the hot stones. So why is high humidity good for our skin? This is due to the fact that all the cells of our body require water, which is absolutely essential for the existence of any living organism. Just 15 minutes spent in a steam room stimulates the blood circulation and causes increased perspiration, which in turn rids the body of toxins.

The Cons of Too Much Heat

Heat and steam provide a great number of positive effects on the skin. But if you do not use a moisturizer after a sauna or a steam room, the excessive amount of heat may result in skin dehydration. Furthermore, if you have a sensitive body, the heat may cause some unwelcomed reactions. One of the most troublesome is the excessive production of melanin, which leads to the appearance of brown spots on the skin.

Positive effects of Hot Yoga

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