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ZURA Yoga Mat Review by Product Review Gurus [VIDEO]

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Hello! We are pleased to announce a new monthly segment on Yoga Lifestyles called the Product Review Gurus. Each month, Mel and Natali from the Yoga Lifestyles crew will review products ranging from yoga-related to health, wellness and beauty. They’ll explore every aspect, including special features, quality, price point and more!


The Product

Yoga Mat by ZURA

Vinyasa Flow Chakra Jewelry


  • 11 unique designs
  • 3.5 mm thick, 7 lbs
  • Open-cell technology
  • Eco-friendly: made with 100% all natural Malaysian rubber and water-based inks and no silicon phthalates or toxic chemicals
  • Price: $60-$100+

Where to find it

We found the cheapest here on Amazon, but also available on their website,

Unique Features

  • Machine washable!
  • Comes with travel strap


We truly fell in love with this mat. The name ZURA is Sanskrit for “warrior for good” and that empowering message alone made this brand stand out to us. A lot of yoga brands seem to blend together with their messaging, which, while cool, comes across as dainty, passive and neo-hippie. We like that ZURA is in your face, encouraging you to reach higher and stretch further while being a natural extension of your practice.

We also loved how unique the designs were. They each have their own “personality,” (which you can read more about on their website) the designs are all stunning and we appreciate the towel-like surface. It wasn’t slippery for us—maybe because we both have naturally sweaty, clammy hands, ha! But if you did have an issue with sliding on the mat, an easy solution would be to just spritz it with water (or my personal favorite, a tea-tree-and-lavender homemade mat spray to nix bacteria on the spot).

And, since you can just toss the mat in the washing machine after a few uses (I do about once a month), I don’t have to worry about any gross smells. Those into hot yoga or any kind of yoga where you’ll be breaking a sweat, this mat is your new best friend.

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