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How to Prepare for Hot Yoga Class

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Yoga is one of those things that never gets boring, not just because there are so many poses to perfect but also, because there’s plenty of different styles to try out! Once you have passed the beginner stage, your teacher will likely inform you about some other types of yoga, such as Bikram. Otherwise known as ‘hot yoga’, many people would describe Bikram as ‘sweaty’ and ‘challenging’. An opportunity to feed off of the energy of other yogis, the classes commence inside rooms with temperatures similar to that of a sauna.

Perfect for flushing toxins from the system and losing inches from the waist, when practiced through repetition, this style of yoga could have a positive impact on your entire life. However, the results depend on whether you are truly ready or not. With that being said, let’s learn how to prepare for hot yoga class with some simple steps:

    • Arrive On Time – Timing is everything for a Bikram yoga session because even if you are just a few minutes late, you may fall behind and be out of sequence with the entire class. Ideally, you should arrive 20 minutes in advance so that the schedule can be planned and you can get general conversation out of the way before things kick off.

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    • Hydrate Yourself – Another tip on how to prepare for hot yoga class is to stay hydrated! You are guaranteed to sweat quite a lot during the session, which will usually last for a total of 90 minutes. Remember that the room will be heated to 40 degrees Celsius or more and the humidity reaches around 40 percent, so drinking plenty of water is important to ensure your body functions properly.

Hydrate Yourself

    • Wear Suitable Clothing – Form fitting clothing should be worn for Bikram yoga, rather than baggy clothing. Carefully select a fabric that lets the skin breathe and if possible, keep as much skin on show as possible. Why, you ask? Well, when skin is bare, the body will release heat much easier. Refrain from wearing cotton, because it will become weighty when it absorbs sweat.

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  • Fuel for the Body – You can learn how to prepare for hot yoga class by tucking into a meal 2-3 hours before your session. This gives your body enough time to digest the food and use it as a source of fuel. If you are really hungry before the class begins, snack on fruits that have a high water and fiber content, because they won’t sit as heavy on the stomach.


  • Yoga Etiquette – Certain rules of yoga etiquette apply to Bikram yoga, just like they do with other styles. Some things to remember: don’t block another yogi’s view, don’t wear perfume or scented lotions to the class, and keep your voice down when entering the class to avoid disrupting meditation. Keep in mind that Bikram yoga differs to Vinyasa yoga classes in the sense that toilet breaks will be much more strict, due to the fact hot yoga is fast-paced and physically testing.

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