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#MyYogalifestyleis: Spiritual Healing [Inspiring]

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No matter how different we all are, where we come from or what we’ve been through, we can all connect on the common ground of Yoga, no matter what.  At Yoga Lifestyles, we believe everyone has a story to tell. In this new series, we’ll be sharing stories from yogi’s just like you with the intention of inspiring, uplifting and reminding you that you’re not alone — that we are all Yoga Lifestyles.

DeAnte Dakini Greer, a brave twenty-seven-year-old yogi of three years, has found the love of religion, healing, and the guidance of her angels through numbers from her beloved yoga practice. With her funny, vibrant personality she was shown her true calling and divine soul purpose. According to DeAnte, As a Heyoka empath, she is able to heal others and herself through holistic health and by becoming a mirror. DeAnte suffered great trauma as a child in the city of Detroit such as rape, molestation, neglect, and poverty. DeAnte’s trauma created blockages, bad habits, and attracted abusive relationships as an adult. Healing crystals, meditation, and powerful affirmation helped to release blockages and heal her chakras.



Tell us how you got started with yoga. What inspired you to go to your first class, what made you go back, what about the class really resonated with you?

I got started with yoga at the local Blue Water area YMCA in my hometown Port Huron, MI. My practice deepened and grew at the “Happy Dog Yoga”. Initially, I came to the gym in search of a healthy workout routine. Yoga appealed to me as an environment to achieve my weight loss goals with cardio.


Ah, yes, that seems to be what usually gets people through the doors of their first studio. But it did so much more for you?

I was correct. But I was unaware of the mental and physical life changing benefits from the sacred practice. I lost 100 lbs in just five short months with the combination of a fierce Vinyasa Flow, intense cardio, and holistic health. After my mother lost her battle to diabetes at the tender age of 39, I consciously knew I had to change my way of life.

My first downward dog felt as if my shoulders would burst wide open, but it was a beautiful pain I wanted to feel over and over again. The calm, cleansed, beautiful energy in the room each time I attended resonated with the tune of my sou


How have your past experiences helped you stay strong?

As my practice continued I began to enlighten. With this enlightened state I began to release bondage from my trauma. I began to understand my trauma was a part of my journey leading me to my divine soul purpose. My passion for yoga, healing myself and others allowed the Universe to reveal to me that not only am I chosen, I am love. 


Could you explain in depth what a Heyoka Empath is, and how it is helpful to you and others?

An Empath is super sensitive to energy. We are healers and are directly affected by the energy from all beings around us intuitively. We are often able to determine the motivations and intentions of others. Being an empath isn’t a learned trait. You are born one or you aren’t.

The most powerful Empath is known as a Heyoka. Heyoka empaths also called the “sacred clown” or “fool” is an emotional mirror to those around them. I have always been a funny person showing my every flaw to the world without a care, not knowing who I truly was or the gifts I posed with. Some traits of a Heyoka May include being born dyslexic, being born breach, or appearing extremely younger than actual age. I literally mirror everyone I’m in contact with showing their flaws to them like a healing mirror.

This is why the environment of any empath is important. The mirroring of an Heyoka May teach you to open your eyes to a part of yourself that you never knew existed. A Heyoka is wise with firm energy and their divine purpose is to have others pay attention to their own reflection in order to learn from it. If you believe you are an empath music is what heals your soul. I use hz music in my sleep to heal my chakras while releasing bondage as I unconsciously meditate.


That’s pretty powerful. What do you love most about yoga?

The spiritual healing journey to self love is why I adore my yoga practice. Adding powerful affirmations, nature, a holistic based lifestyle, and crystal healing can heal any trauma if this is what you seek. My yoga practice helped me discover angel numbers leading me straight to God saving my life as I know it. My connection and guidance from the angels became very strong leading me further straight into my destiny, 1111. Yoga can save your life if you set positive intentions and just be.


What are some of your most empowering mantras you use in meditation?

The most powerful Mantra of them all is Thank you. No explanation just thank you into the atmosphere with pure gratification. With gratitude for all the blessings you already have your new blessings are able to be received at a rapid pace.


If you had any words of encouragement or advice to someone who went through similar experiences as you, what would you tell them?

My advice to all to all yogis is to just be. When you live in the moment nothing becomes stressful. Once you silence the mind all answers come to pass. No matter your religious practices or spirituality, yoga is a great addition to enhance your connection to the divine force. The better quality of your daily diet including your food intake, television, music, and internet source, your body we naturally heal itself in every way. God is Love, and Love is God. Namaste, peace, love, and light. 😇


More about DeAnte:

After losing her mother in her early 20’s to diabetes she became dedicated to yoga, fitness, and holistic health. Her passion helped her lose 100lbs and begin her spiritual path. She is currently a single mother of three amazing boys. Two of her sons are on the Autistic Spectrum and she is currently homeschooling them. She received a full scholarship from “Passion Yoga School” to travel to Costa Rica and gain her 200 RYT hours in 2016.

However, with her children’s health conditions she is unable to go overseas but still dreams to open her own holistic fitness health club in her home town so that she may utilize her natural talents to save lives. She is also writing a book about her beautiful journey while creating a holistic based line of body products for children to date. You can donate to DeAnte’s divine soul purpose at under Holistic Health Fitness Club.

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