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Every Traveling Yogi Needs Mantis Yoga Bags

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Mantis Yoga Bag Review

This month, we reviewed Mantis Yoga Bags, a line of high-quality, multi-functional bags designed for the everyday yogi heading to class, retreats, teacher trainings, hikes or exploring the outdoors. Plus, they donate a portion of their sales to the Africa Yoga Project! Watch the video below for the full review, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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Why We Love Mantis Yoga

If you’re someone who loves to travel, you know the importance of having luggage and bags that are not only extremely functional, but will withstand the elements, spills down a flight of stairs (guilty) and the highly likely probability of getting knocked around by commercial airport loading staff. Your travel gear is a literal extension of yourself, in charge of keeping your personal belongings safe and organized so that when you arrive at your destination, you can focus on the adventure ahead. The caveat though, is they usually come with a pretty hefty price tag. I’ve learned the hard way that when it comes to travel bags and luggage, you get what you pay for.

Traveling with your yoga mat, however, is a different story entirely. There’s often no room for it, leaving you to figure out MacGyver-like alternatives. I’ve seen mats attached to bags with zip ties, and flattened or squished into a suitcase. Often there’s no more practical solution than carrying it over the shoulder with a strap, which is great for going to a yoga class but that can get in the way of your other bags when traveling.

That’s why when I first learned about Mantis Yoga bags, I was so excited because this is something the yoga community could seriously use! These are specially designed bags for traveling, retreats and the everyday yogi that not only hold your personal items, but your yoga mat and accessories like blocks and water bottles too.

A little background: Paul Thomas, the founder and CEO of Mantis Yoga worked for 15 years creating carrying goods for brands like Adidas and Element. He started his journey with yoga, and after going to several teacher trainings and retreats, he saw a need for bags that served both the everyday yogi and the yogi-on-the-go.

mantis yoga bags | yoga lifestyles

I packed the duffel pack full. You can see it’s about half my size but it didn’t feel heavy at all. 7 day retreat, here I come!

The Call-to-Practice Sling

This is probably the most versatile way to carry around your yoga mat and personal items. It’s perfect for going to yoga class, since usually you have to either hold your yoga mat or carry it with a strap, but then you also need another bag for holding your keys, phone, wallet, etc. There are two ways to wear it, like an over-the-shoulder sling where you just slide your mat through, or across your chest with your mat loaded into the top. There’s also TONS of pockets for personal items, and a loop for your keys. Get yours!


The Guru Backpack

This is an amazing bag if you’re going on a long-weekend retreat, trip, camping or backpacking. Your yoga mat straps securely on the side and then you load all of your clothes, shoes and other items into the top. Don’t be fooled by the size, this thing holds A LOT. I could easily pack for a week with this, plus it’s carry-on approved and the straps are heavily padded and comfy. Get yours!

mantis yoga duffel pack | yoga lifestyles

Top section of the duffel pack. You can fit so much stuff!

The Retreat Duffel Pack

This is honestly one of the most interesting and versatile bags I’ve ever seen. The top compartment fits all your clothes and there’s even a pocket for your shoes or wet clothes. The bottom compartment fits your yoga mat and blocks, but you could honestly use it as extra storage for other items along with your mat, like toiletries or more clothes. This bag is designed for at least a week, but I could personally go at least 10 days with no problem. And what’s cool is that you can carry it two ways, as a duffle bag with the secure handles or as a backpack. Get yours!

mantis yoga backpack

The bottom compartment lets your yoga mat fit in nicely, and theres even room for blocks and more items

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