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How to Make Yoga a Part of Your Daily Life

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How to Make Yoga a Part of Your Daily Life

You probably often see professional yogis with beautiful bodies, demonstrating a variety of asana practices on social media. It all looks really amazing, and it helps people understand the benefits of daily yoga exercises. But, it is worth noting that the practice itself is not only about poses. Thus, there are many other ways to turn yoga into an essential part of your daily life.

1. Breathe


Obviously, everyone is breathing all the time, since we could not survive otherwise. But we are talking about breathing properly instead of just doing it unconsciously. This is where Pranayama, “the fourth limb of yoga”, comes in. Not only does it help to control the breath, but it’s also a great discipline to free the mind and enhance your body’s vital power and strength.

2. Enjoy Nature

Enjoy nature

Our ancestors knew that nature is the greatest teacher and healer. Yoga itself could not exist without the nature that surrounds us. It is this phenomenon that helps us to realize that we are, in fact, alive and are a part of something bigger. Nature allows us to understand how to let go of problems and go with the flow, how to evolve the power of the mind, develop potential and also feel our own power. Unfortunately, urban lifestyle and overabundance of technology have led to the disruption of our connection with nature. That is why it is a wonderful idea to remember to get away from the concrete of the city and just enjoy yourself, walking barefoot, taking in the beauty of the trees, grass, and other delights of the natural world around us!

3. Find Time for Peace and Quiet

Find time for peace and quite

Many people do not feel up to meditating due to biased attitude, fear or plain reluctance. So, instead, why not dedicate a few minutes of your time every day to staying in silence? Just find a place where you feel comfortable, where you can stay without being disturbed, and simply enjoy your breath and tranquility as long as you want to. This approach will rid you of stress and worries, and will ensure the feeling of harmony for the day ahead or a good night’s sleep after a long and busy work day.

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