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Karmanonymous: August Edition

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Have you recently done something amazing, like a random act of kindness or something for someone else just because, and want to share it with the world?

Or, maybe you’ve done something you’re not too proud of, and need a safe place to confide in? Regardless, this is your chance to clear your conscience! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the article and tell us your good or bad karma in the form below. Each month we’ll post the responses in a new article. You don’t have to use your real name, either.

Check out what our readers had to say this month:

Good Karma

Once A Cheater, Always a Cheater.

From: Amber

I walked in on my boyfriend of a year sleeping with my best friend. I always had the suspicion he wasn’t the best guy, but was more disappointed in my best friend, who’s been my partner in crime since childhood. The two started dating, and it disgusted me every time I saw their happy, smiling pictures pop up on Instagram or Facebook.

I had an entire revenge plotted out in my head for months, which included slashing their tires, publicly shaming them both, etc. But I took the high road and just did my best to let it go and move on. Well, he ended up cheating on her with…wait for it…her SISTER, and now they’re engaged. My friend is the maid of honor, and I can’t help but sit back and laugh.

Best Year of My Life

From: Amanda

“Over the past year I have been reaching out to others (especially those with health issues) and encouraging them to practice yoga! This journey has also made me want to give at any opportunity that arises for me to. And I have to say it has been the best year of my life so far. So much good has come to me, without the expectation of it! I feel so lucky to be a part of the yoga community where everyone gives without any need of return. It’s a really beautiful thing to be a part of.”


Lost Treasure

From: Nicole

“I used to wait tables as a part time job, so I know the brutal reality of tipping. I’ve been stiffed more times than I can even count. Now, whenever I go out to eat, I always tip at least 30% because I know the struggle. The other day at the beach, I look down and right by my feet there was a $20 bill just floating by my toes. There was no one in sight to claim it, so I kept it. Later that day, I was walking to my car and found another $20 on the sidewalk. I know it’s silly, but I think it’s the universe’s way of giving back to me!

Bad Karma


Full-Circle Bully

From: Becca B.

I was the typical mean girl in high school. I bullied other girls and was so terrible to one girl, she had to transfer schools. I had no humility and it was awful looking back. Last year, I got into a car accident which paralyzed half my face. I was extremely depressed for months, because the way people treated me changed drastically. No longer were people polite and giving me the positive attention I was used to; Now people stare at my condition and basically avoid me. I honestly think it’s a taste of my own medicine, but it has taught me to be more humble and compassionate.

Bad Neighbor

From: Caninde

“I have been raising macaws and cockatoos for the past 20+ years without issue. Last December, on my birthday, someone broke into my aviary and stole some of my birds. I contacted the police, newspapers etc. I guess I put enough fear into them that they dropped all but one of the birds in the nearest city, on the street, in sub zero weather. Thankfully because of news reports etc, people found them and returned them to me. I and the police were very suspicious of a new neighbor, but did not have evidence to get a search warrant for the other bird or the valuables they stole from me. Well, here is where Karma comes into play… last month their house burnt down. And no, I had nothing to do with it!”



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