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18 Yoga Couples You Need to Follow on Instagram

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Two is better than one, right? At least as far as yoga is concerned, that’s definitely the case. These yoga couples show the true meaning of love, respect and patience to create some inspiring #relationshipgoals. Check them out below:

1. @wildacroduo comes in as a no-brainer choice for our number one best yoga couple on Instagram. With the help of photographer @shutterscorpion, they post some of the most incredible yoga pictures we’ve ever seen.


2. @bryceyoga is also featured at #6 in our article about the best Instagram yogis. These yoga parents double as teachers and students committed to building stronger mind-body connections around the world.


S U N D I A L ☀️ @ACROVINYASA Lens: Zhou Tao Gear: @AloYoga

A photo posted by Honza ૐClaudine Lafond (@yogabeyond) on

3. @yogabeyond AKA Claudine and Honza Lafond travel the world and spread their passions for yoga, art and wellness. If you’re looking for a combination of wanderlust and AcroYoga, go ahead and give them a follow.


4. @keoniology and the beautiful @the_southern_yogi make AcroYoga look easy and relaxing. Not only does he post pictures from his practice, but Keoni shares inspiration for the yoga lifestyle as well.


5. @fitmocha – This vegetarian weightlifter and his girlfriend based out of Turkey share yoga inspiration, kittens and #relationshipgoals.


6. @partnersinyoga @yogapolitik and @yogita.ellery. They teach partners yoga classes in Chicago and they both frequently share nature-loving and scenic photos from traveling and yoga.


7. @acrostatics posts some of the hardest and most unique AcroYoga poses. You’ll want to follow them to get inspiration for new poses.


8. @acroadventures travels around scenic Colorado and promotes healthy living and fitness. They’ve been practicing AcroYoga for about a year and a half now and as you can tell they definitely look like they’re seasoned professionals!


9. As evidence of this photo, @acrobutts is one of those yoga couples that can turn any time into yoga time. Follow Roxy and Benmo for “a serious series of AcroYoga poses & lettering, and a ton of cheesy puns”.


10. @namastefitlife- @jingerbeard and his wife @smashletics are yoga parents that are all about the fit lifestyle. They’re spontaneous too, look!


11. @gus_yoga_acro and @tabebber recently starting sharing some beautiful pictures from their latest trip to Europe, which are stunning to say the least.  Check out their later posts of doing yoga in India and Africa and you’ll probably want to book and flight and start traveling too.


DAY 1 of the #LoveWithin #AcroYogaLove #Challenge is BACK FLY (OR BACKBIRD) "We rise by lifting up each other!" This contest lasts from February 15th – February 24th 👈 Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage! To enter, follow along with each day's pose. Each pose will be posted by all hosts!! Follow our incredible & creative hosts : ❤️ @karlatafra ❤️ @jallen2409 ❤️ @theyogacouple ❤️ @alliemichellel ❤️ @eglaria & @yat_91 ❤️ @alexandracarone ❤️ @EpicAcro ❤️ @_andreayoga_ ❤️ @sylvie.curci ❤️ @acroyogaaddicts Don't miss this amazing opportunity to discover ways How To Become The Most #Attractive Version Of Yourself & Be #Magnetic In Your #Relationships and simply to have fun and explore a new #artform. Post a photo of you and your friends doing each day's pose!! 👆Sponsors: ❤️ @BaliniSports ❤️ @yogapaws ❤️ @dharmayogawheel ❤️ @gracevanberkum (

A photo posted by Cheetah & Rhiann Platt➰ (@epicacro) on

12. @epicacro is Cheetah and Rhiann Platt or @theworldwidewedding. They’ve had 58 weddings, all doing yoga while saying, “yes” in some of the most famous destinations of the world. Just recently, they tied the knot in the middle of Times Square, New York while on Good Morning America.


13. Bryan and Ashlee are @acrorise. They’re performers, teachers, acrobats and Utah natives that make the Wynwood Arts District in Miami look so artistic and beautiful.


This was one of our goals for 2016. 8 clubs out of flag pose. #acroyoga #juggling #acrojuggling #circus #goals

A video posted by Bob And Trish Evans (@bobandtrishjuggling) on

14. @bobandtrishjuggling – This cross-fit couple takes AcroYoga to a new level with their insane juggling and slack-lining skills. You’ll never get bored on Instagram if you give them a follow.


15. @acropilates posts their photos from South America on the sandy pearl beaches and in the surrounding jungles, which seriously makes you want to break out of your comfort zone.


16. @albavitta_yoga are beautiful yoga instructors and students who are very fond of the beach and mother nature. Give them a follow if you love the ocean and yoga.


17. @acrohippies are otherwise known as vegan-loving hippies @coreloveyogagirl and @lifted_vegan. They’re so cute and in love that their account will make you smile.


18. @smoothies_n_more shows their followers that couples who do yoga together, stay together.

So there you have it, the 18 best yoga couples on Instagram. Know of any yoga couples we should add to the list? Share below!

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