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Inaugurating Change: the Negativity Ends with You

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The United States has just witnessed one of the most negative and shocking presidential elections in history, and the outcome has generated some unheard of negative behavior from the public. People all over the country rioted. Madona made a metaphor about blowing up the white house. And although she quickly defended and clarified her statement, her words echoed the soaring tensions many were feeling. The new President, Donald Trump, is an entirely different type of leader the U.S. has ever had in office. Every social media platform is being bombarded daily with harsh differences of opinions, radical speculations, and the latest breaking secret of both candidates and other political figures involved in the presidential race. It’s some of the worst type of vicious gossip we have ever witnessed. These issues have generated a massive wave of negative emotions across the country, most of which are based on speculation and fear for our country’s future.

Anger feeds anger; fear feeds fear; and hatred feeds on hatred

Inaugurating Change | Fear feeds anger

Stop and think about how you or a loved one’s negative emotions impact their life. If one person’s negative emotions and thinking can create damage to their life, then a mass of individuals with negative emotions can create an unknown amount of harm. We can, and need to all work together to create a positive emotional change. For each person, you bring your love, positivity, and joy to; it will be passed on, and just like the drops that fill a bucket, it adds up to positive change.

If you’re feeling angry or hatred about the inaugural changes, just let it go, because now it is out of your control. Acceptance brings peace and calm. If you feel fearful and worried about the future of our country, bring yourself to the here and now, and disengage from the National social media gossip frenzy. Using mindfulness allows you to be in the moment and let go of worries for the future or regrets of the past. Mindfulness allows for peace to settle in the mind so you can enjoy your own joyful bliss in the moment immersed in your current situation.

Building a mindfulness practice takes just that…practice.

Inaugurating Change | mindfulness. jpg

Two of the best ways to build your mindfulness practice is through yoga and meditation. Having a daily yoga practice helps you feel in control of the one thing you have control over – you – your body and your mind. It brings your focus to the essential things in life, the breath, the heart, and movement. Use yoga to launch your meditation practice. Meditating daily will help calm and slow your thoughts. It helps reduce the amount of time the minds replays life dramas and aids in being mindful.

How yoga can help you deal

Inaugurating Change | How yoga can help

Yoga and meditation help align the chakra energies properly to help you stay physically and mentally healthy. When you’re physically healthy, it promotes your overall emotional well-being that is passed on to others in your daily interactions. When you become mindful, peaceful, and joyful in your life, there is no room for fear, anger, regret, or other negative emotions. Your positive state will promote happiness, laughter, and compassion, which will infect and leave a positive imprint on those around you. Those people will carry that with them to the next group of individuals, and so on until it creates change.

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