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How Yoga Strengthens the Mind Body Connection

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Summary: This blog describes the mind-body connection and how Yoga helps to strengthen this relationship.

yoga pose

Yoga is one of the most ancient philosophies on the planet and among the oldest sciences still in practice today. Born out of the Indian subcontinent in the Vedic Era, this spiritual science has become known in almost all corners of the world. The emergence of leaders such as Swami Vivekananda, M. K. Gandhi, Sivananda Saraswati, etc. in the 19th and 20th centuries opened the door for Yoga’s spiritual nature to inspire a diverse world population. These thought leaders advocated for a global movement rooted in the spiritual beauty of Yoga. This spiritual wisdom is inherited from the idea of a deeper association of the mind and body through Yoga.

“Yoga is not a religion. It is science, a science of well-being, a science of youthfulness, a science of integrating the mind, body, and soul”
-Amit Ray, Indian spiritual master.

Understanding the Mind Body Connection


There’s lot of talk around the mind body connection. As we go deeper into this idea, we discover that the relationship is worthy of investigation. The mind and body are the dominant forces in driving humanity, making life possible through proper functioning of the mind and body in unison.

Historically, managing the relationship between mind and body has been at the forefront of Yoga. Since its origination on Indian soil more than 5,000 years ago, Yoga’s sole aim has been attaining liberation from issues in the materialistic world. Today, the mind-body connection is still managed by yogic practices. The best way to reach liberation is by gaining knowledge about one’s own life, through personal observance of the mind-body connection.

Empowering Your Personality with Yoga

empowering your personality with yoga

In one’s personality development, the mind-body connection plays a critical role. Including the beauty of Yoga as part of daily life contributes heavily to personal growth and self-confidence. Yoga poses can be challenging to practice, but with constant effort you find steadiness and ease, and a feeling of pride emerges in the soul. This gives strength as well as satisfaction to the practitioner. In the right circumstances, both the brain and body work together to reach full potential. When you enjoy your work and feel confident, every part of the body responds beautifully. This is the effect of Yoga in one who delights in their practice. Join a 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and embrace the ancient philosophy’s wonderful teachings to build a stronger mind-body connection.

Yoga Asanas are All About Complete Fitness

Yoga asanas

Yoga means union, merger of each and every element in the universe. The reach of this ancient science includes almost all of life’s aspects. The Yogic philosophy advocates that your best self can only be achieved when the mind, body and soul work in harmony. Yoga asanas, as many people think, are good for physical strength- the muscles get toned, the spine gets elongated, and the body increases in flexibility. The same set of Yoga poses are also promoters of mindfulness. While enjoying downward dog, one can experience a change in the flow of blood in the brain and connection to the breath. This conscious connection of mind and body helps the mind improve its ability to take quick actions and remain calm in challenging circumstances.

Concentration and Strength in Yoga

Strength in Yoga

Every Yoga pose is embedded with the beauty of physical and mental advantages. Although the muscles, bones, and joints play astonishing roles in the successful practice of a Yoga pose, one cannot write off the contribution of breathing and focus. When you join a Yoga class, you are led through the step by step execution of each Yoga asana. Each step is tuned into the breath – either inhalation or exhalation. So while enjoying your yoga practice, the mind, breath and body are working together. According to Yogic philosophy, the mind and body are always in a state of interaction. Each of these elements cannot be seen as distinct, for they are both parts of one human body.

Yoga Asanas for Mind-Body Connection

Let’s review a few Yoga poses that promote the connection between mental and physical aspects of life.

  • Bhujangasana: Bhujangasana is an awesome practice for letting the mind focus on body fitness. The reason Cobra pose encourages the mind and body connection is that it heals not only the hips, thighs, and shoulders but also the heart. It is practiced by lying down on the mat facing the floor. Lift your chest upward while pushing the ground with the palms for support. Keep the body in this position for a few seconds and connect to the flow of breath in and out of the chest to feel a tremendous flow of energy and opening of the heart. Devote some time in the morning to this pose to enjoy a great connection between the mind and body.
  • Bakasana: Although Bakasana is an advanced Yoga asana, its role in the mind and body relation is quite astonishing. Also known as Crow pose, its practice is all about holding the whole body weight on the palms while the knees are placed on the triceps and the hips are lifted upward. Bakasana’s theory is interesting, it teaches one to care not only about the physical goodness but also about the mental concentration. It is quite a challenge to face the ground with a determination that you will keep the body in balance. This is where the mind and body work together to overcome the fear of flight and connect to inner strength, and this is what mind-body connection is all about.
  • Savasana: Amidst all the talks regarding strength, energy, flexibility, etc., comes the beauty of relaxation. Peacefulness is as important as physical activity when it comes to succeeding at the highest level of Yoga and life. There are moments in life when your intelligence and physical strength are tested equally. You may often find yourself in a situation that requires both your mental and corporeal energy to work in unison. Trough the practice of yoga both the body and mind become well practiced at handling such stresses and you may begin to discover that the stress begins to simply dissolve. When you have a steady practice this connection and peace will stay with you wherever you go. There can hardly be a more genuine example of the mind body connection than this.

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