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How to Use Healing Mandalas to Ease Anxiety

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What Is a Healing Mandala?

healing mandalas to ease anxiety | find the right mandala

I was first introduced to the word “mandala” in a college class called, “Indian Philosophy and Religion.” Meaning, “circle,” in Sanskrit, a mandala is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbol or ritual that reminds us of our divine connection to the universe. You can draw or color a mandala and use it as a meditative tool to go on a deeper spiritual journey.

After reading about how mandalas were used as a spiritual tool for healing, I was fascinated to try coloring a mandala myself. So I invited a friend over and we played some relaxing music and pulled out a set of my old coloring pencils. I had purchased a mandala coloring book from a local bookstore and we each picked a mandala design that we liked and began to fill it in. Almost instantaneously, I felt calm, grounded and at ease.


“Almost instantaneously I felt calm, grounded and at ease.”

The coloring reminded me of my childhood and I could feel my inner child grinning from ear to ear. The colors and design seemed to draw me deeper and deeper and I suddenly felt like a tiny part of an infinite whole. The circles reminded me of the cycles of life, of death and birth, of endings and new beginnings.


How do Healing Mandalas Work?

Healing mandalas ease anxiety | how do they work

Mandalas in Hinduism and Buddhism are meant to represent that life is never-ending. Just like the circular shape of the mandala, they believe that reincarnation assures that though we live today, we will one day pass away, and then our life will begin again and the cycle continues.

In Tibet, monks create huge, beautiful mandalas using colored sand made of stones. The mandala can take the monks hours or even days to complete and every tiny detail is painstakingly reproduced. After completing the mandala, the Tibetan monks will sweep the sand away and destroy the mandala to represent the impermanence of life. It reminds us to not be attached to our psychical body because it, too, is only temperamental

Over the years I have used mandalas throughout my meditation practice as a way to relax, connect with the universe, and tune into my soul. Mandalas help us realize that we are one. They help us connect to the vastness of the universe while simultaneously remembering how small we are in the grand scheme of things. 

Finding the Right Mandala

Healing Mandalas to ease anxiety | coloring books

My recommendation is to find a mandala design that appeals to you, settle in for a relaxing evening, play some music and meditate for a few minutes before you begin. Then allow yourself to be led by the design. Do not try to control the mandala, let the mandala guide your healing. See what kind of feelings and revelations come through while you are coloring the healing mandala. What deeper lessons will you learn from this ancient technique?


There’s only one way to know, you must give it a try yourself. Here are some of our recommendations for healing mandalas 

Coloring Books


This adult coloring book is packed with 50 unique floral designs intended to help you unwind and destress after a long day


If you like animals, you’ll find horses bears and other wild creatures in this animal designs coloring book help transport your mind to a peaceful place in nature.


We love that butterflies symbolize positive transformation. Find 30 designs to color in this butterfly garden coloring book.

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Art & Gifts


Coloring books not your thing? Decorate your favorite wall with a giant healing mandala wall decal, or accent above a piece of furniture with a half decal.

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Or, drape a wall with a mandala tapestry.


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