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How to Live In a State of Mindfulness and Access Your Creativity

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How to Live In a State of Mindfulness and Access Your Creativity


I didn’t always live in a state of mindfulness

It’s something I had to teach myself and hone over time, but like anything, it can be achieved if you put energy into it.

When I was about ten years old, my parents were going through a divorce. I realized it was important for me to be able to speak through my emotions and get to the root of how I was feeling and how it affected me. It can be exhausting, and overwhelming being caught in your thoughts and wanting to remove yourself from them. Wishing you could get out of your head until you realize you are your thoughts. So, if you change your mindset and choose happiness, you can live in a state of peace.

As I got older, I decided to study psychology in school to further understand how the mind and body work together. I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel in my career. Through those experiences, I started to see how grateful people were in places like India, where they didn’t have the means or amenities comparable to what we are all used to here in the United States. I wanted to figure out how they could still be so incredibly happy with so little.

living in the infinite now mindfulness|yoga lifestyles

I took up yoga and learned how certain poses align with our chakra system and can tap into memories we store in our physical bodies. I began to tap into my own body through stretching and breathing exercises. I learned to be in the present moment instead of relying on external stimuli like food or shopping to mask emotions. I began to see that everything in life is cyclical. The more mindful I became of patterns that led to negative feelings, the easier it became to shift my focus and change my mindset.  

This journey has been transformative. What started as a personal journey and process for figuring out how to be present turned into something that could help others. I realized that my mind is like a computer in that it has an operating system, my ego, and that I am not my ego.  I wrote out everything that I learned and it became my latest book “Forever in the Infinite Now.”  The book is a combination of very meaningful text, visuals, and practical practices (like alternate nostril breathing), plus an accompanying soundtrack (love frequency) to help the reader tap into their physical body.

In today’s world, we operate so much from our minds with technology and computers, but yoga allows us to tap into our physical body and the central light in the middle, our spirit. If you’re neglecting any of these three components- mind, body, spirit – you won’t feel whole. Here are a few tips that I share in my book to help you find a state of mindfulness, access your creativity, and live in your intentions. 

3 Tips for living in the infinite now

  • Set your intention. Start the day by asking yourself, “What is my intention for the day?” If my intention is to love myself and show love to others, then that is all I should focus on throughout the day. By simply asking yourself each morning, you will create and reinforce a positive behavior that allows you to live in the moment.


  • Be Thankful. Your creativity is like a faucet. If you are trying to force something when there’s a block, the water won’t run freely. If you open yourself up and tap into your mind and body, the water will just pass through you and be effortless. If you learn to recognize what feels blocked,  you can shift your mindset by realizing you are either thinking of something in the past or future. You need to get back to the present moment. One way to do this is to reset your intention at the very basic level. If you set an intention of being thankful and just focus on that word, “Thankful,” you will bring yourself back to what you are thankful for in the present moment.


living in the infinite now creativity|yoga lifestyles

  • Find your art. Be it dance, music, painting, or whatever makes you happy! You need to figure out what thing you love and what helps you to unlock your creativity. For me, I know how to express my emotions through filmmaking which captures sounds and visuals like no other medium. I can create my emotion and it allows me to free myself up and think of all the magical possibilities. I often start creating content by asking myself “What if…” and seeing where it leads.


I’ve created a space online called to help people start their day by “turning on their intent.” It represents removing the “I” from the intention. It’s really about removing your ego. Today, so many people create content for social media that’s driven by money or fame or whatever is fueling them, but it’s not for themselves. I wanted to create a place where people can see content they want to see- one that is outside of the constraints of algorithms and marketing campaigns. It’s a place for authenticity and creativity. It’s the platform where I share my content and advice with the world and I hope it will inspire others to unlock their own creativity.  

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