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How to be Happy: The Secret to Attracting Happiness in Your Life

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I think this is safe to say, that this is all something that everyone wants; Happiness. The state of joy we all seek is often very hard to come by, isn’t it? Read on to learn my secret on how to be happy, and how to attract more happiness in your life.

We all find happiness. Temporarily, at least. We enjoy good weather, thriving career or relationships, when we’re working out and losing weight, we’re excited. Sometimes all those things fall into place, and all feels great…for a while.

Happiness Doesn’t Have to be Temporary

Then life happens, the weather starts changing, you start gaining weight, we lose a partner, a job, a string of bad luck, let’s say. When things don’t go the way we want, when our external circumstances change, our mood slips quickly to happiness to unhappiness.

We try and hold as tight as best as we can. We take vacations to find better weather, we buy things to make ourselves feel happy, we watch shitty television to make ourselves feel better. We oscillate through our days grasping onto what we want with clenched fists, we pay attention to social media of what everyone else is doing. All that does is feed the subconscious of always wanting, wanting, wanting; comparing, comparing, comparing. It’s exhausting, this constant desire for more that feeds us day in and day out because things are never good enough and we never have enough. We’re left in a perpetual state of wanting.


Take Back Control

There are many things you simply can’t control in life. You can’t control people, most jobs are rarely perfect, and the weather is often uncooperative. The perfect circumstances, for the most part, are unattainable, and whatever we do obtain, is fleeting. If we’re reliant on unattainable, inflating circumstances to be the source of our happiness, happiness will remain forever out of reach.

The goal isn’t to make things perfect. The goal is to befriend that which we perceive as obstacles to our happiness and get to the point when we can welcome change, welcome pain, discomfort and fear, welcome the unknown. These are our greatest Teachers, helping us to develop acceptance and resilience of that which we can’t change.


My Secret to Happiness: Meditation

When you start to acknowledge that everything you hear, everything you see, everything that you put into your body, everyone you surround yourself with, has a huge impact on your day to day life, you’re able to find solutions versus just talking about the problems. The practice of meditation has truly helped me be able to reduce these tendencies, to control the negative thoughts, to be more present. Meditation acts as a leather sole, it allows us to find patience and tolerance to what disturbs us.

Rather than feeling like you’re living bumper to bumper, stress levels through the roof, getting mad at that friend who is 15 minutes late that sends you into a tailspin. We can practice to not letting our circumstances define our happiness. There are tons of things in life that we simply can’t control or change, so it makes sense to master the art of letting go and acceptance. In order to experience happiness, even in imperfect conditions, you must let go, you must find ways to be more present. We are all so lucky and blessed to live the lives we do, you just have to put some effort into it. ❤

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