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3 Easy (and Surprising!) Ways to Balance Your Hormones

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3 Easy (and Surprising!) Ways to Balance Your Hormones

How to balance your hormones safely and effectively

What if improving your hormonal health was as easy as tossing out an old sponge? Of course, you’d love to stop annoying breakouts, manage thyroid imbalances, and get rid of painful PMS symptoms. Perhaps you’re just not certain where to begin. Understanding your endocrine system can seem complicated at first. Don’t worry, there are a few very simple ways to learn more and even simpler ways to start feeling better.

How to balance your hormones and get your health back on track

If you struggle with fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, or skin issues, it may be that your hormones are imbalanced. Our endocrine systems control many aspects of our health: our inner state (mood and energy level), outer appearance (skin and metabolism), and our sleep cycle. Without a doubt, our overall health and well-being are directly correlated to our hormonal health.


Ditch the chemicals

how to balance your hormones chemicals|yoga lifestyles

Unfortunately, many common household products contain hormone-altering chemicals. Long story short, these chemicals imitate natural hormones in your body leading to imbalance. Cutting chemicals out of your environment and diet is one of the best things you can do for your health. Who wants chemicals, anyway?

The good news: There are good chemicals. Trusted, natural supplements are found everywhere and give your body a balancing boost using nothing but antioxidants found in nature. In addition to that, do yourself a solid and eliminate some of the toxins that you might not even realize are affecting you negatively.

Below is a list of the top 12 endocrine-disrupting chemicals to avoid. The truth is, you practically have to live in a cave to avoid all chemicals. You may want to focus on the products you use most often. Taking a closer look at your personal care products is a great start. Watch for ingredients on the “dirty dozen” list:

  1. BPA (canned food, plastic) 2. Dioxin (bleached coffee filters, inorganic animal products) 3. Atrazine (unfiltered water) 4. Phthalates (lotion, hair products, nail polish) 5. Perchlorate (unfiltered water) 6. Fire retardants (inorganic mattresses) 7. Lead (crumbling paint) 8. Arsenic (inorganic shellfish) 9. Mercury (some seafood – choose wild salmon and farmed trout) 10. Perfluorinated chemicals (non-stick pans) 11. Organophosphate pesticides (inorganic produce) 12. Glycol Ethers (cleaning products)

Dry brush your body

how to balance your hormones dry brushing|yoga lifestyles

A healthy elimination system is essential for happy hormones. Elimination is your body’s way of removing toxins. If you have acne, eczema or allergies it’s possible your elimination pathways are congested. Dry brushing is a great way to clear that congestion because your skin is your body’s largest organ of elimination.

So what exactly is dry brushing? It is an Ayurvedic remedy that cleanses the lymphatic system to remove toxins. The dry brushing technique is simple. Start by purchasing a body brush like this one, or you can use a washcloth in the shower. Brush using gentle upward strokes on your arms and legs, and circular strokes on your stomach and joints. Make sure you always stroke in upward movements (towards your heart) to move with the natural lymphatic flow.

Dry brushing isn’t the only way to assist your elimination system. Try incorporating some of these other effective (and relaxing) ways to flush out toxins:

  • Soak in a hot bath to open your pores and toss in some Epson Salt to draw out toxins.
  • Add cilantro to your meals to help with liver detoxification.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Go for a run or hit the gym to sweat out toxins.

Sleep in a dark room

how to balance your hormones sleep|yoga lifestyles

All you need is sleep for this hormone tip. It’s old news that sleeping at least 8 hours a night is ideal for your health. But really, sleep is underrated. If you want to support your hormones and feel refreshed sleep is the way to go.

So we all know sleep is important, but did you know sleeping in total darkness is best? When light passes through your eyelids while you sleep, it confuses your hormonal function. Your pineal gland picks up on light, even small amounts from your phone or the moon. This gland is a powerful hormone that regulates your hormones and directs your sleep cycle. Try removing all sources of light from your bedroom. It can be as simple as moving your phone off your nightstand or shutting your blinds.

Learning how to balance your hormones does require a commitment to new habits. Small changes lead to big improvements. Perhaps the biggest perk of all is the empowerment that comes with caring for yourself.



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