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How To Balance Your Heart Chakra

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The key to balancing specific chakras is to focus on two things: the area of the body it relates to and the color it represents. The heart chakra is represented by the colors green and pink. In Sanskrit, it’s known as Anahata and is located in the center of your chest, serving as the bridge to your upper and lower energy centers. It is the source of compassion, empathy and love.

It can be thrown off-balance following a heartbreak or a fight with a loved one. The key to balancing this chakra begins with complete, unrequited conditional love for yourself, reinforcing the idea that you must first love yourself before you can truly love others. Restoring balance to this chakra also regulates your breathing, blood-pressure and heartrate.

So, what exactly does that look like? We’ve put together several suggestions to help guide you on your chakra-balancing journey. This includes practicing specific yoga poses to reset your alignment, mantras to bring awareness, crystals to channel high vibrations, foods to heal from within, scents to stimulate positive energy and even activities to harmonize heart chakra energy.


Activities that balance your Crown Chakra:



Practicing yoga is a great way to balance your heart chakra. Focus on poses that open up the chest and create a full body balance such as upward facing dog, locust, reclined butterfly, bridge and warrior II (pictured left to right).

Yoga Poses (Heart)


Your body absorbs the essence of what you put into it, so eating foods that are close to the color frequency of your heart chakra is a great way to balance from the inside out. Look for foods that are bright green in color such as avocado, leafy greens, cucumber; superfoods such as spirulina, wheatgrass and matcha green tea; and you can even radiate glowing love by eating foods that combine pink and green like watermelon and dragon fruit.

Green Foods

Meditation and Practicing Self Care

Meditation is a quiet, thoughtful activity that brings awareness to your sense of self, consider it a gentle, loving hug for your soul! Find a quiet space, close your eyes and bring your palms together to the center of your chest. Choose from the following mantras to repeat aloud: “I love myself unconditionally and irrevocably.” “My heart is open to love, forgiveness and healing.” “I am open and willing to love and accept others just as they are.” You can also practice self-care by indulging in simple activities that bring you joy like taking a warm bath and walking barefoot in nature.



Items that help Balance your Heart Chakra


Wear Green or Pink Clothing

Wear loose clothing that’s pink or green, especially something cozy that you feel comfortable in, like a knit sweater.

Pink or Green Clothing

Rose Quartz, Jade or Malachite

Keep crystals such as rose quartz, jade or malachite in your pocket, purse on your nightstand or wear them as crystal jewelry. You can also meditate with these crystals or enjoy them in crystal-infused water!

Rose, Jade, and Malachite


Use aromatherapy to incorporate your other senses, such as candles, soaps and even essential oils infused with Lavender and Cedarwood

candle, soap, and essential oils


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