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How To Balance Your Crown Chakra

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The key to balancing specific chakras is to focus on two things: the area of the body it relates to and the color it represents. The crown chakra is most well-known as being represented by the color violet, but it can also be seen as a clear or white light. The crown chakra is located on the top of the head, and since this chakra represents divine connection to the higher self, it’s less focused on the physical methods to balance as opposed to spiritual techniques.

So, what exactly does that look like? We’ve put together several suggestions to help guide you on your chakra-balancing journey. This includes practicing specific yoga poses to reset your alignment, mantras to bring awareness, crystals to channel high vibrations, scents to stimulate positive energy and even activities to harmonize the crown chakra energy.


Activities that balance your Crown Chakra:



Practicing yoga is a great way to balance your crown chakra. Focus on poses that send energy to the crown of the head such as Headstand, Dolphin Pose, Forearm Stand and Shoulder Stand (pictured left to right).



Most chakras encourage balance through eating certain food related to their specific color, but fasting is actually the best way to nourish the crown chakra. Try fasting for 12-24 hours to reset this energy.



Meditation or quiet, mindful activities help withdraw the senses from the physical world. Find a quiet space and repeat this mantra: “I am worthy of divine love, I have access to the answers to the universe.”



Items that help balance your Crown Chakra


White Or Violet Clothing

Wear loose clothing that’s bright white or violet in color

white and violet clothing

Clear Or Amethyst Crystals

Keep crystals such as clear or amethyst quartz in your pocket, purse or nightstand. You can also meditate with these crystals or enjoy them in crystal-infused water!

clear and amethyst crystals


Use aromatherapy to incorporate your other senses, such as candles, soaps and even essential oils infused with Lavender and Cedarwood

candle, soap, and essential oils


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