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Honest Review Daily Harvest Review of Harvest Bowls and Chilled Soups

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Honest Review Daily Harvest Review of Harvest Bowls and Chilled Soups

We Reviewed Daily Harvest’s Harvest Bowls and Chilled Soups and Want to Give You 3 Free Smoothies When You Sign Up!

Watch our review video, then scroll down to see how you can get free smoothies!

Here’s the thing: we love Daily Harvest so much, that this is actually our second time reviewing them. If you’re looking for a review of Daily Harvest’s smoothies, hot soups, overnight oats, chia pudding and (sadly, no longer available) sundaes, you can find our first Daily Harvest review here.

So, what’s with the harvest bowls and chilled soups?

It looks like Daily Harvest is trying to expand into into more meals than just breakfast. And my goodness, have they done things right! We’re still mourning the loss of the sundaes, but the Harvest Bowls and Chilled Soups are game changers.

I knew I’d love the Harvest Bowls, without a doubt. with flavors like chickpea + za’atar, beet + avocado poke (we tried both, and woah, the beet + avocado poke was shockingly accurate to the flavors of a poke bowl), cauliflower rice + tahini, butternit squahs + chimichurri and more.

Now, chilled soups. Here’s the thing. I have never tried chilled soups before, and I’ll be honest. I was a little apprehensive. I like my soups to burn a whole through my tongue, so the idea of chilled soups just did not seem appetizing.

I was in for a pleasant surprise. The tomato + bell pepper gaspacho and avocado + cucumber chilled soups were very yummy, and packed with flavor. Living in the ungodly hot state of Florida, these would be a cooling respite from our never-ending scalding seasons, which I like to call summer part I and summer part II.

Check out the video and let us know what you think, and, if you want to try Daily Harvest for yourself, I’ve included details to getting three free cups below!

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