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A Holistic Doctor’s Approach to Losing Weight

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How to lose weight like a holistic doctor.

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Aren’t we all sick of various health experts telling us how many calories to eat, what foods to eat or avoid, what pills to take, and just how to move our booty? How do they know what’s best for us? Typically, they don’t.

Each diet expert has their own tunnel vision of how perfect eating should be. When their proprietary dogma is at odds with your personal background and preferences, you struggle to keep up with the new routine for a month or two and then inevitably revert back to your old eating lifestyle and excess weight. My book Diet Slave No More! is an anti-diet book, which will help you to write your very own scenario of how you are going to achieve your perfect weight naturally and keep it off forever.


Svetlana Kogan, MD’s book insists that you know best. It takes you on a journey of how food winds up in your cells, why you eat it, to begin with, and why some foods give you more joy than the others. Understanding your body’s relationship with food is a very empowering knowledge that makes you independent of strangers who claim they know what’s best for you. As many of you know, we are much more complicated than just physiologic bodies because we have integrated a phenomenal Mind-Brain network, which works 24/7 to process all that is happening to us, to generate emotions (the so-called state of mind) and to make decisions (to be or not to be).

This part of us is mysterious and tricky to navigate, but I tried to present it to the reader in a very informal way, so that she or he can incorporate this knowledge not only into building healthy eating habits, but also into breaking addictions, coping with depression, or mending relationships to name a few.


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Diet Slave No More! is based on almost 20 years of her clinical experience with weight loss. The book suggests easy steps, which agree with our physiology and uses Mind-Body principles to carry out these steps effortlessly and naturally. What we especially dug about this book was that Kogan created a phone app under the same name, which features a supportive and motivating buddy character. This way you get to exercise your new healthy lifestyle over and over again until after 40 days, it becomes a part of who you are.

She’s also created a free support group on Facebook for the consumers who have read the book and downloaded the app, and want to communicate with me or other members about their successes and stumbling stones. Like any permanent shift in your life, weight loss has to come from within you. By using your own internal tools in achieving your Mind-Body balance, you will re-discover your long-lost perfection and never give it up again.

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