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Manifest Healing Energy and Forgiveness with this Guided Metta Mediation Video

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Metta Meditation: A Loving Kindness Mediatation

Metta Meditation is a healing meditation practice that helps you fill the space with positive energy by repeating a mantra of your choice first to yourself, then to someone close to you, then an acquaintance, followed by someone who has previously hurt you. Watch the video below from our editor and 300-hour CYT, Melody Beuzelin, as she leads you through a short guided meditation. You WILL feel different after this practice — it takes less than 15 minutes — you deserve to do something good for yourself!

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Healing Begins from Within

We all can think of at least one person who has hurt us in the past. That residual energy of anger, resentment, sadness, guilt or any combination of those emotions can stay with us for a very long time, and subconsciously affect our daily lives such as how we interact with others or approach future relationships.

There have been several studies showing the correlation between trauma and chronic pain, and as individuals, many of us can attest to the physical discomfort created by stress such as the actual pressure we feel in our chests during a heartbreak. In the video above, I explain that in order to receive love, we must first be willing to give love. 

Sometimes, that means sending love and positive energy to those we feel may not be deserving of it. But here’s the thing: forgiveness is an immensely powerful tool. By forgiving others who have wronged you, you obtain an untouchable power that helps facilitate your growth and eventually help you move on. Plus, there’s a good chance they need love more than anyone.

Of course, that’s much easier said than done — that’s why it’s called a meditation practice. Strengthening our ability to give compassion and forgiveness are much like physical muscles, and once you begin the process of healing from within, it will begin to have a very real effect on your environment and those around you.

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