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Guided Chakra Meditation: Healing Chakra Meditation [VIDEO!]

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Guided Chakra Meditation to Heal & Cleanse Your Chakras

In the video above, yogi Robin Krasny will take you through a guided chakra meditation to cleanse your chakras using a chakra breathing technique known as “dolphin breath.” If you’re just beginning to learn about Chakras, Robin covered chakras in-depth in her last video

Why Should You Watch This Video?

This guided chakra meditation video is best for:

  • Those interested in chakras and guided chakra meditations
  • Those looking to add more meditation into their life or practice
  • Those looking for a quick resource for meditation (this video is only 6 minutes long!)
  • Those looking to begin or end their day calm, relaxed and centered
  • Those who feel spiritual alignment, looking to enhance their well-being

Robin brings years of expertise about the Chakras, and in this brief, cleansing meditation she’ll start you off by sending energy and breath to your root chakra, located at the base of your spine, and slowly swirl up to your second, third, fourth and all the way up to the crown chakra, located at the top of your head! 

Chakras are an exciting topic, and their concept has been around for centuries. If you’re scratching your head, not sure what to think, don’t worry! We have tons of information available on our site, simply take what serves you and leave the rest.

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